kha0s open night

KhaOs Open Night

KhaOs, as stated on its website, declares, “The work of art serves no purpose; it is therefore essential.” Departing from the conventional galleries in Barcelona, KhaOs presents a distinctive perspective on art, weaving narratives through the interplay of “space and poetry.” Its primary objective is […]

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present tense exhibition

Present Tense Exhibition

According to the dictionary, ‘home’ is a word that relates to the place where one lives. However, every single person has a different understanding of it. There are specific sounds, smells, materials, landscapes, images, sensations or even people that one can associate with their homeland

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The writing of appearances

The Writing of Appearances

Photographer Nicolás Cifuentes together with the Matiz Gallery inaugurate the work “The writing of appearances”. It is a sensory and poetic travel project that questions the limits of what is visible within the indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. It

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Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum and X-Rays

The Picasso Museum, home to over 4,251 of Picasso’s works, takes the audience on a journey of Picasso’s lifetime pieces. The Museum touches on the artist’s influence from Barcelona. From the Blue Period to his renditions of Las Meninas, the collection takes you through Picasso’s

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