Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané: A Leaf Shapes the Eye

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the immersive retrospective exhibition from Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, I am excited to share what I learned about this contemporary artist during my recent visit to MACBA. Mangrané’s diverse body of work displayed in this show spans sculpture, photography, installation and film. His ability to blend these mediums into thought-provoking creations leaves the audience surprised and enchanted.

Intersecting nature and technology

Born in Barcelona in 1977, Mangrané’s artistic journey led him to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he currently resides and draws inspiration from the vibrant cultural landscape. Mangrané’s work delves into the intersection of nature and technology, weaving together elements of the physical and digital realms. His installations, characterized by intricate geometries inspired by organic forms, are brought to life through the use of light, sound, and video. The results are immersive experiences that challenge viewers to reconsider their perceptions and experiences of the world.

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané sculptural installation

Challenging conventional perspectives

One aspect of Mangrané’s work that particularly resonated with me is his ability to challenge conventional perspectives on humanity’s relationship with the environment. Through sculptures crafted from organic materials, and cinematic explorations of natural and geometric forms, he highlights the intricate dependencies shaping both natural and artificial orders. Drawing from disciplines like biology and anthropology, Mangrané’s holistic worldview blurs the boundaries between culture and nature, subject and object.

Amazonian influence

Having lived in Rio de Janeiro for over two decades, Mangrané’s art is deeply influenced by the Amazon rainforest, which he perceives not just as a physical entity but as a symbol of contemporary complexities. This resonated with me personally, as I share his belief in the importance of addressing global issues such as climate change and ecological sustainability.

Legacy of Brazilian Neo-Concretism

Mangrané’s artistic philosophy also reflects the ideals of Brazilian Neo-Concretism, particularly in its advocacy for sensory engagement as a catalyst for socio-political dialogue. Like his predecessors, he seeks to break down conventional barriers between viewer and artwork, transforming exhibitions into dynamic sensory experiences that challenge perceptual norms.

A reflective retrospective

“A Leaf Shapes the Eye,” Mangrané’s inaugural retrospective, offers a profound reflection on his artistic journey spanning twenty-five years. Curated as a choreographed interplay of space, light, and form, the exhibition invites audiences to engage intellectually and sensorially, prompting a reevaluation of humanity’s relationship with nature.

In essence, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s artistic repertoire transcends conventional boundaries, offering a poignant commentary on the complexities of existence and the symbiotic relationship between humanity and its environment. His retrospective stands as a testament to his enduring legacy in contemporary art, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience it.

The exhibition is on view at MACBA through May 20th.

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