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DRAP Art Festival Unveils Its 2023 Edition

DRAP Art Festival launched last night with six exhibitions in the Gothic Quarter, interventions in public spaces, and a long list of concerts and cultural activities. The exhibitions are on view October 26th to December 21st and admission is absolutely free.

A Celebration of Sustainable Art in Barcelona

This is not just your ordinary art event; it is a visionary platform where artists, cultural managers, and creative minds from diverse backgrounds come together. Their goal? To shed light on the ecological disasters caused by our contemporary consumer society through the lens of art and to propose alternative, more sustainable lifestyles. The festival’s roots trace back to 1995 when it was first established in Barcelona.

The festival operates on the principle of “objet trouvé” or the found object, which artists reinterpret to reflect their environment and its concerns. Over the years, DRAP Art has expanded its reach beyond Barcelona, spreading its message to more than 16 countries. It has become an international endeavor with annual events not only in Barcelona but also in Montevideo, Pittsburgh, and Buenos Aires since 2017. The festival has showcased the work of more than 780 artists and conducted awareness-raising activities for audiences of all ages.

Portrait made of books on view at the DRAP Pop-up, Calle Ample 13

A Network of Creativity and Sustainability

DRAP Art has evolved into a network that nurtures Catalonia’s emerging artists, designers, artisans, and other creative professionals who work with discarded materials. It encourages collaboration with artists from other regions, promoting cross-pollination of ideas and experiences. The festival acts as a launching pad for young artists, opening doors to the professional art world, creating job opportunities, and facilitating exchange with experienced artists.

Beyond art, DRAP Art serves as a powerful awareness-raising campaign. It amplifies the voices of its artists, echoing their reflections on environmental and social issues, and inviting the public to consume more responsibly. The festival champions the three Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle, urging everyone to rethink their habits and respect the planet.

7 Distinct proposals


Drap-Art’s exhibitions are educational, revealing the value in discarded items and encouraging visitors to change their habits playfully. They feature high-quality artworks, with shows accommodating 10 to 60 artists in spaces from 100 m² to 3000 m², uniting established and emerging talent across generations.

Interventions & urban art

Public space interventions, urban art, and artistic installations provide a creative means to bring art to unconventional settings, eliminating the need for traditional exhibition venues. These innovative artworks can be tailored to specific locations or easily adapted to various spaces, effectively drawing the public’s attention to social and environmental concerns in an engaging manner.


DRAP workshops provide a fantastic opportunity to connect the public with artists and their insights on sustainability. Open to all ages, they serve as inclusive and educational community activities, addressing climate change and sustainability topics.


Drap-Art’s festivals offer visitors a chance to explore various themes, including waste management, consumerism, climate change, microplastic pollution in the oceans, clandestine migration, social inequality, and gender issues. They also showcase potential solutions such as sustainable development, responsible consumption, and habit changes.

Interior design

Drap-Art’s artists, designers, and craftspeople craft with reclaimed materials, choosing them for color, shape, poetic, ironic, or historical significance. Their creations are typically one-of-a-kind or in small batches. Unlike conventional industrial design, they not only avoid waste but actively reduce it.


Recycling art and sustainable consumption markets, known as Green Markets, are enjoyable and enlightening gatherings that bridge the gap between fashion enthusiasts and the world of ecology and sustainability. These dynamic venues provide artists, designers, and sustainable craft makers a strategic platform to showcase and sell their distinctive and eco-friendly products, fostering a circular, green, and creative economy.

Art sales

When you rent or purchase art from DRAP artists, you not only enhance your space but also support the promotion of environmental and social awareness. This creates a unique atmosphere where vintage materials are ingeniously combined to craft one-of-a-kind interiors, fostering a shift toward a more sustainable environment.

Artworks on view at DRAP pop-up exhibition, Ample 13

Promoting art as a catalyst for change

DRAP Art’s philosophy extends to broader social and cultural actions, recognizing the importance of art in a world facing economic, social, and environmental crises. It promotes art as a tool for experimentation and transformation and advocates that our throwaway culture must shift toward the understanding that “nothing disappears; everything is transformed.”

The DRAP Art Festival is not just an art exhibition; it’s a movement that celebrates art, sustainability, and transformation. As it unfolds in Barcelona, it invites us all to rethink our relationship with the environment and the profound impact of art in shaping a more sustainable future. This year’s edition promises to be a vibrant showcase of creativity and sustainability, a testament to the power of art to drive positive change. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this exceptional event in one of the world’s most culturally rich cities.

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