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Oximoros Exhibition by Valentina Brostean & Llorenç Pont

Nestled into a classical Catalan Modernist Apartment on Gran de Gracia in Barcelona, a unique exhibition is currently taking place, offering a journey through contrasting realms of artistry and introspection. The OXIMOROS Exhibition, curated and illuminated by Ottolumi, acts as a meeting point where two distinct artistic narratives intersect, provoking a fascinating socio-creative dialogue.

In a modern world often defined by rigid oppositions, the importance of dialogue is emphasized in this show. The term “oxymoron,” a linguistic deviation that produces unexpected meanings by juxtaposing opposites, serves as both the inspiration and guiding principle of the exhibition. Here, diversity is not a hindrance but a catalyst for meaningful discourse, as demonstrated by the stylistically and expressively divergent works of the two artists, Valentina Brostean and Llorenç Pont.

Painting by Llorenç Pont. Lamp by Ottolumi.

Valentina Brostean welcomes viewers into a surreal realm inhabited by dreamlike and fluid characters. She shares her anxieties, torments, and passions, guided by the depths of her subconscious. Each piece delves deep into the turbulent waters of the mind, where emotions, dreams, and personal narratives intertwine to create a rich tapestry of human experience. (Read more about Valentina and her work in our previous interview.)

On the other hand, Llorenç Pont’s works offer a contemplative exploration of time and memory. Through a process of revisiting the past, he layers his canvases with echoes of bygone eras, encouraging viewers to engage in a form of visual archaeology. In this process, destruction and creation blend together, giving rise to spaces of reflection amidst the remnants of history. His works evoke a sense of silence, simplicity, and impermanence, prompting viewers to contemplate the essence of reality and the ever-evolving nature of human existence.

Valentina Brostean art
Paintings by Valentina Brostean. Lamp by Ottolumi.

As you explore the exhibition, you’ll be encouraged to discover the oxymorons hidden within these two unique visual worlds. Brostean’s emotive surrealism and Pont’s contemplative abstraction may appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but within this carefully curated space, they come together in perfect harmony. Here, opposites attract, clash, and ultimately blend, giving viewers a peek into the complex nature of artistic expression.

Through their individual manifestos, Brostean and Pont offer a glimpse into their creative processes, inspirations, and beliefs. Brostean’s fearless dive into the subconscious and Pont’s reflective exploration of the past work hand in hand, propelling the exhibition’s narrative forward. Together, they challenge viewers to confront their own perspectives, prejudices, and assumptions, inviting them on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

In essence, “OXIMOROS” stands as a tribute to the strength of creativity, diversity, and conversation. Brostean and Pont create a space where opposites meet, contradictions blend, and significance arises from the interplay of light and darkness. As you move through the ten unique rooms of the exhibition, you’ll be reminded of art’s limitless ability to transcend barriers, connect differences, and bring us together in our shared humanity.

Paintings by Llorenç Pont. Lamp by Ottolumi.

Find the artists online: 

@/valentina_brostean_studio/ (Serbian surrealist painter/ interdisciplinary visual artist)
@llure.art  (Catalan minimalist painter) 
@ottolumi (Italian Architect)

To book a private visit write to @ottolumi / tel. +34 652 87 74 39

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