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after work and art event barcelona

Afterwork & Art Event

The Tramuntana de Per Henrik Adolfsson La Plataforma, art gallery and production studio, invites you to a new edition of the Afterwork & Art season, an essential event for art lovers. On Thursday, july 4th, at 7:30 p.m., we will wait for you at La …

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under deconstruction art exhibit

Under DeConstruction

Liesbeth Willaert, a flemish artist, was born and lived until recently in the placid, harmonious and rainy Belgium, very close to the colorful land of tulips where Mondrián was born. Surf lover and practitioner, she lives in Barcelona near the sea. In Under Deconstruction she …

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por el amor al arte

Por el Amor al Arte #5

The fifth edition of POR AMOR AL ARTE is here! This multidisciplinary festival brings together all forms of expression, all artistic disciplines and all categories that have led you to do what you do with a lot of love. We want to give space to …

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Tribute to Gaudí

A Tribute to Gaudí

June 7 – Oct 6, 2019

Both Gaudí and Miró sought out new procedures and materials, pushed the conventional boundaries of their disciplines, and experimented with sculpture.

International Art Event

Art Lover Ground BCN #13

The International Art Event From London to Barcelona, this International Art Event keeps growing and celebrates its 4th Anniversary in May!! Thirty contemporary artists will be showcasing their talent in the magnificent Art and Culture Centre— Espronceda. There is an outdoor area and three unique …

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Visionarium Art Festival -Catalonia Spain

Visionarium Art Festival

A magnificent event where artists, decorators and a creative collective come together to co-create a unique experience. Visionarium Art Collective presents a festival where artists come to create, exhibit, teach and study together. The concept is based on varied aspects of visionary art. Visionary art …

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