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Love Art? Live in Barcelona? Want to Share?

We’re glad you found us!

FrikiFish is an online magazine dedicated to sharing original stories and resources about creativity in Barcelona. We're interested in all kinds of creative expressions—visual art, digital art, street art, performing art, etc.

We're especially interested in sharing creative concepts related to the circular economy. Upcycling and sustainable design is the way forward. We want to do everything we can to support a more sustainable future.

Calling all creative authors, bloggers & videographers in Barcelona

Share your opinions and impressions from events and experiences related to creativity and culture in Barcelona. Or share your perspective about making a living as an artist or creative.

We welcome the following contributions:

Tell us about you and your projects

Are you an artist? Please send us an email [] if you are interested in participating in an online interview. In fact, we invite you to send us any ideas or proposals for collaboration.

All contributing writers and videographers get an “about the author” section with their post. This includes a short bio with a head-shot and description of your work. You can also include links and contact information. This a great way to gain visibility and exposure for you and your projects.

Contributor guidelines

Ideally, articles should run 500 to 800 words. Longer is okay, but please try to keep it below 1,200 words.

As mentioned above, we’re looking for content related to art and creativity in or around Barcelona. These can be reviews, interviews, informative pieces about upcoming events, etc. We want articles that inspire, give fresh perspectives and timely insights into current trends and inform readers about upcoming activities.

If you have an idea for an article, you may want to pitch it to us first. Please send a short description outlining what your piece will be to We’re happy to confirm our interest in publishing your article and send you feedback.

Before sending in your article

  • Send in original work only please. FrikiFish requests that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for 3-5 business days. Afterwards, they may be published on other sites.
  • Make sure your article isn't overly self-promotional. Mentions of your work should be used to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic. Otherwise, links to your books, company or products can be added to the "about the author" section, not in the main text.
  • Proof your writing for typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Link to your sources and and related resources
  • Include a short bio, head-shot and any images relevant to your blog

Please send all contributions to



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