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Our mission is to connect talented, independent artists with a dedicated public who value craft, quality and originality.

At FrikiFish we believe in helping artists make a living so they can continue inspiring the world with their art. We work for—and with—our local community of makers to bring fine art into private homes, offices and galleries.

What do we offer?


If you're interested in publishing an article to share your ideas and opinions about the creative scene in Barcelona (while at the same time promoting your work!!!), please send your article to

You can find some basic guidelines here.

For inspiration, see a recent article from Madcin discussing street art in Barcelona.


If you'd like to participate in an online interview for Meet the Makers, please send us an email at


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Artists Directory

Drive traffic to your website or social media through our directory for Artists in Barcelona. You will appear with your name and image (logo or product), short description and a direct link to your page.

Pay what you can!

There are a lot of hours and costs associated with running the FrikIFish online magazine. Small monthly donations or one-time donations of 1€ to....... can help keep FrikiFIsh up and running. Please visit our Patreon page to learn more.