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Renowned Film Producer Turned Abstract Artist Mara Adina Embarks on a Profound Journey Back to her Artistic Roots

Mara Adina, widely recognised for her achievements as a film producer, has ventured into a deeply personal and transformative exploration of her artistic practice. After years of remarkable success within the film industry, Mara has gracefully transitioned into the realm of abstract art, igniting a poignant and introspective chapter in her creative journey.

With a heart imbued with passion and a spirit fuelled by authenticity, Mara’s debut collection has swiftly captured the imagination of art enthusiasts, selling out within a remarkably short span of time. Now, she eagerly awaits the opportunity to share her latest creations with the world at her inaugural solo exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

Entitled “Feel with abandon,” Mara’s exhibition promises an immersive experience, inviting viewers into a realm where emotions move freely and souls find solace amidst vibrant strokes and harmonious compositions. Featuring a selection of fifteen recent works on paper and seven awe-inspiring large-scale canvas pieces, Mara’s art serves as a testament to the complex beauty found within the depths of human experience.

Drawing inspiration from her personal journey of spiritual introspection, and profound moments of self-discovery in sobriety, Mara’s work resonates with a raw and poignant authenticity. Each piece is a reflection of her innermost thoughts, struggles, and triumphs, inviting viewers to embark on their own introspective journey of self-exploration.

Through her art, Mara seeks not only to captivate the senses but to touch the hearts of those who encounter her work. With every brushstroke, she channels emotions, memories, and aspirations, creating a lasting visceral connection with her audience.

As Mara prepares to unveil her soul-stirring collection to the world, she stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the art world, inspiring others to embrace the beauty of vulnerability and the transformative power of presence.

About Mara Adina

Mara is an internationally renowned film producer who premiered films at Sundance, screened in cinemas around the world and collaborated with Netflix, HBO and many more.  She originally studied fine art, classically trained but set her paint brushes aside when she started making films in 2005. 

In 2019 whilst living in Los Angeles, on one of her daily walks around the neighbourhood, she stumbled upon an unused canvas left on the side of the road. She decided to pick it up and take it home along with some acrylics found at the 99 cent store. With that canvas she started playing, and almost instantly her love for colour and deep need for creative play came rushing back. Week by week and day by day, she started nurturing her creative practice and at the start of 2023 she decided to transition from a career in film to painting full time. 

Her current ever-growing creative practice is focused primarily on large scale oil paintings, vibrant colour stories, told through impasto, bold brush strokes, abstract shapes and textures that almost seem to come alive in motion. Mara Adina is a multifaceted artist whose journey from film production to abstract art reflects a profound commitment to self-discovery and creative expression. Through her evocative works, Mara invites viewers to embark on a deeply personal journey of introspection, connection, and emotional resonance.

For more about the artist visit:
Instagram: @Mara_Adina
Facebook: /mara.adina
YouTube: @mara_adina_a_world_of_colour

Gallery Information

“Feel with abandon” Exhibition
Potassi K19 – art galery
Address: C/ de Sant Pere Més Alt, 
19, Ciutat Vella, 
08003, Barcelona

Gallery Website:

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