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A magazine for art lovers and art makers.

FrikiFish is an artist-driven creative magazine sharing stories, events and knowledge about art, creative culture and emerging talent in Barcelona and its area of influence.

You can find articles on all kinds of creative expression: design, photography, ceramics, painting, sculpture, installation art, performance, architecture, music, drawing, street art, etc.

You are invited to explore and participate in the local creative scene that continues to bloom and diversify. We live in a melting pot of cultures and creative ideas. Let’s facilitate discovery and engagement among ourselves in order to  support local talent and our artistic community.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in contributing a guest post.

What is a Friki Fish???

It’s you and me. Unique, vibrant, creative souls….


Noun  /ˈfɾiki/  (plural frikis)
Borrowed from English freaky.

Spanish word that defines: freak, weirdo, geek, nerd, guru, otaku, mangaka, comic liker, book reader, videogame player, film lover and any other person whose likings are not cars, chicks and soccer. You may only like movies, but as a “friki” you like all the other stuff, look weird or act clumsy.

– Taken from “The Urban Dictionary


Noun /ˈfish/ (plural fish or fishes) fellow, person
an odd fish”

– Taken from Merriam Webster Dictionary


Frikifish supports equality on all levels, with the hope of seeing more minorities and women in the arts.

FrikiFish encourages sustainable art practices, upcycling and the circular economy. We want to do everything we can to support a more balanced and viable future.

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