kha0s open night

KhaOs Open Night

KhaOs, as stated on its website, declares, “The work of art serves no purpose; it is therefore essential.” Departing from the conventional galleries in Barcelona, KhaOs presents a distinctive perspective on art, weaving narratives through the interplay of “space and poetry.” Its primary objective is to redefine the presentation of art, fostering an environment where artistic minds can freely share their “stories” and connect with investors, real estate managers, and creators. On their website, narratives are complemented by linked artworks that correspond to these tales.

On November 29, 2023 Kha0s hosted an Open Night in the gallery with works from 12 artists:

Keila Alaver – Hélène Barrier – Leonor Fini – Roger Coll – Seb Janiak –
Luis Lazo – Kid Pier – Victor Ramirez – Carlos Sanchez Alonso –
Ruslan Satikov – Marc Sparfel – Kiama Sorli

Sculpture by Marc Sparfel

Engaging with the artwork

 KhaOs was initially challenging to comprehend, due to its lack of traditional contemporary approach that I have become accustomed to. The gallery arranges art to tell stories, a concept that intrigued me significantly. It provided a clear purpose, something to actively seek out. Unlike many contemporary galleries where I often find myself constructing diverse stories, I appreciated the idea of the narrative being crafted for the viewer through the strategic placement of artworks.

As I traversed the gallery, I observed a deliberate interplay of colors and styles, with few exceptions. In one corner, demonic creatures with a devilish appearance were juxtaposed, featuring black and white or light blue hues. Nearby, contemporary pieces burst with vibrant colors like gold, orange, pink, and purple. This pattern persisted throughout; whenever encountering darker-toned artworks, they were succeeded by more optimistic, vibrant pieces. Additionally, a significant portion of the artwork depicted nature, showcasing diverse color palettes. Some displayed vivid patterns, while others embraced a monochromatic black and white palette.

This arrangement prompted contemplation on the perpetual struggle between humans and nature. The gallery seemed to propose a concept akin to a revolving door, where one side consistently contrasts with the other. However, the recurrent use of vibrant and fulfilled artworks hinted at a world where these opposing sides could coexist rather than being in constant conflict. These pieces served as reminders of “what could be.”

KhaOs strives to engage viewers not only with individual artworks but also by creating a cohesive narrative or dialogue between diverse pieces. Understanding art, especially in unconventional galleries like KhaOs, entails exploring artworks and opening one’s mind in ways different from traditional approaches.

By Pat Hourihan

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