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‘The Garden of Descansos’ Pop-Up Art Show by Fanni Kopacsi

‘The Garden of Descansos’ is not merely an art exhibition; it’s an ephemeral journey through the creative universe of contemporary artist Fanni Kopacsi. Through her mastery of textiles, Kopacsi breathes new life into found objects and waste materials, transcending obsolescence to create sculptural pieces that resonate with depth and meaning.

She has chosen to share her latest work within a immersive experience; a pop-up art show. These are exclusive and ephemeral artistic events that offer a unique experience in an underground style. Original, avant-garde, or experimental works are exhibited in unconventional venues, transformed for the occasion. The art installation immerses visitors in the creative universe of the artist and the curator. The main objective is to discover new talents, promote their creations, and enable the direct sale of artworks to collectors and the public.

The show invites you to pause, reflect, and discover the beauty that emerges from the intersection of art and life.

Can we learn to dance to the rhythms of life and death as they exist in nature?

‘Descansos,’ meaning resting places, show where a journey has ended. They are the roadside markers where people put flowers and objects to remember and bless the soul that has gone. 

As Fanni describes, “This pop-up art show is a garden, a metaphor, where degradation and creation are woven into the fabric of life. Here, descansos represent the past. All the places where I felt loss, the death of a loved one, parts of my identity, relationships, the departure from my homeland, they symbolize where something has ended. As you wander through the garden, I invite you to explore an intimate journey in life threaded through with hope and grief. It is a sanctuary amidst the ruins, where waste materials extend beyond mere physical structures. Can we gather up the pieces left behind and weave them into something whole again?”

It is work that requires patience, stitching pieces together and breathing new life into them. It is an act of resurrection: leaving behind what needs to die, saving and repairing all that can be revived, leaving space for what’s yet to be born. The artworks made from waste textiles are the transformation: a metamorphosis, a new form from the broken pieces. They carry remnants of the things we’ve lived through, the lives we’ve had and the people we’ve been, with the potential to be born again. 

Event Information

The show is organized by Los Orbes de las Artes, a place where all forms of art and artistic expression converge to celebrate the diversity of cultural and artistic manifestations.

Address: C/ de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11bis, 08002, Barcelona

Showing through April 7, 2024

Easter weekend the doors are open from March 28th to April 1st between 12:00 – 20:00. There are no guidelines or an exact time frame, anyone can come and spend as much time in the garden as they need and want to. On the 1st of April there is a live concert in the evening. Feel free to contact Fanni if you have any questions

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