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There is a vibrant artistic culture in Barcelona that goes beyond mainstream museums and galleries.

Featured art: ceramics

A collection of artwork from the group of international artists at 137° Artistic Studio in the district of Poble Nou. Their work includes fine art, sculptures, jewelry and studio pottery.

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  1. Memory Knot Ceramic Sculpture by Dalia Sofronie
  2. memory knot fine art barcelona

“Memory Knot” Ceramic Sculpture

  1. chicken foot goblet
  2. chicken foot goblet

Chicken Foot Porcelain Goblet

  1. Porcelain vases
  2. Porcelain blue and white vases

Porcelain & Cobalt vases

  1. barcelona art hanging leg vase
  2. porcelain designer vase

“Sexy legs” hanging vase

  1. Ceramic Sculpture
  2. art in barcelona

Fertility Goddess hanging ceramic sculpture

  1. porcelain mug finger
  2. designer mugs barcelona

Porcelain finger mug

  1. ceramic sculpture brain
  2. Ceramic artwork brain

Ceramic brain sculpture

  1. Ceramic jewelry art in Barcelona
  2. jewelry art in barcelona

Ceramic jewellery set

  1. Ceramic vase
  2. rustic ceramic vase

Stoneware ceramic vase

  1. Ceramic Cactus Sculpture
  2. ceramic cactus sculpture

Ceramic Cactus sculpture

  1. ceramic sculpture art in barcelona
  2. ceramic sculpture art in Barcelona

“Muddha” ceramic sculpture

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Course Review: Figurative Sculpture

Figurative sculpture and the human form have always been present as artistic expression; from prehistoric cave paintings through the classical perfection of ancient Greece, up to current contemporary representations. Read more >

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Artists rally around a new cultural park in Poblenou

I learned about a new initiative called Plataforma Per un Parc Cultural, made up of local artists working to dissuade the city from selling the empty lot to developers. Instead, they’d like to create a new park —a garden of sculptures. Read more >

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Salir con arte the art of drinking and painting

Salir con Arte: the art of drinking and painting

Painting and wine. For centuries this inspiring combination has been a quintessential pastime for artists around the world. Today, painting and wine is being marketed as an alternative night on the town, combining leisure and creativity. Read more >

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Shibari performance by Glü Wür at the 11th edition of Collaboration Station. Chilean artist who explores the limits of the body and possibilities of the mind.

Live #urbanart at the Ús #Barcelona festival d'Art I espai públic!! Passatge de la Llacuna 22

Interesting question raised at #sonar last weekend. Does a #muse need to be a real person?

Loved all the vibrant colors going up on the walls at @arteriabcn

A unique experience: innovative music & erotic sculptures in el Bosc de Can Ginebreda.

Sunday afternoon sunshine, drinks, DJs and designer products at the #BrummelMarket