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Muche Bronze Sculpture

Artist Interview: Muche’s Bronze Sculptures

Muche is a French artist based in Barcelona who’s passionate about sculpture! Her expressive bronze artwork embraces the human form: nudes and dancers in motion depicting positive energy; faces expressing joy, kindness and compassion; and hands that describe empowerment and strength. Muche’s bronze sculptures are …

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An Artist's Odyssey-Chasing Ghosts, Masters and The Business

Book Review: An Artist’s Odyssey

Pursuing a career in the arts is not an easy path to take. There are endless obstacles to overcome. If you want to truly explore the limits of your creativity while developing your artwork, and at the same time pay your bills—you need to have …

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nerikomi workship in barcelona rolling colored clay slabs

Nerikomi Workshop

Does the name Nerikomi sound familiar to you? Nerikomi, (練り込み) meaning “kneading,” is a Japanese term to describe the technique of creating patterns with colored clay. The technique is also called neriage. Perhaps you have seen one of the many videos being circling around on …

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Llum bcn light festival

Llum BCN Light Festival

This is more than a light show! The urban landscape of Poblenou is transformed into an playground of experimentation and innovation using light as the medium. There is a sense of wonder as the crowd meanders from one installation to another. New technologies allow artists …

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street art barcelona

Inspiring Street Art in Barcelona

Art is meant to be more than beautiful. It should be inspiring and in many cases, controversial. Creative minds are the best candidates to break taboos and push forward social change. And what better place to catch the public’s attention than in the streets? That’s …

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Daniel Meakin Art Interview

Art Interview: the colorful world of Daniel Meakin

Today we’re speaking with Daniel Meakin, an English Artist who lives and works in Barcelona, a city he finds vibrant and inspiring. Daniel also travels regularly to his second studio in North Wales. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today Daniel. You …

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Top Art Galleries Barcelona

Top 25 Art Galleries in Barcelona

Barcelona has one of the most exciting art scenes in Europe. In addition to its celebrated contemporary art museums, such as MACBA, Fundació Joan Miró and the Picasso Museum, numerous independent galleries are attracting art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Here we explore many of the …

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Book review the war of art

Book Review: The War of Art

I want to explore my creative urges and earn a living making art. So why have I always convinced myself that making a living as an artist is not possible? Why did I study Communications and work hard at proving myself as a professional? I …

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Featured Art

A limited collection of ceramic artwork from the international artists at 137° Artistic Studio in the district of PobleNou. Artists represent Spain, France, UK, Romania, Germany, Norway, USA and Mexico. Their work includes fine art, sculpture, jewelry and studio pottery.

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