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Affordable Studio Available In Tangent Projects

Tangent Projects is a curatorial initiative set up to work with national and international emerging and mid-career artists on site responsive exhibitions and projects. As Tangent Projects is a cultural association, and not a commercial venture, it will be artist driven and focused. With this in mind, we aim to not only provide a comfortable space for artists to work but also a place to engage with others working in the arts, both locally and globally.

We currently have one studio available, if you are interested please get in touch to arrange a visit - info@tangent-projects.com  &  http://www.tangent-projects.com/studios

This Ceramics Studio in Barcelona is a community workspace for ceramic artists and pottery students in the PobleNou district. Each workspace includes a personal table, 24/7 access to the studio equipment and infrastructure, a well as personal storage shelves with 5 levels.

Personal and shared work spaces are currently available! Learn more >


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