Jaume Plensa poetry of silence

Poetry of silence from Jaume Plensa i Suñé

When it comes to the world of contemporary art, there are few names that carry as much weight and fascination as Jaume Plensa i Suñé. This Catalan visual artist has managed to create a body of work that transcends language, culture, and borders, capturing the attention and imagination of audiences all over the world.

From his striking sculptures and installations to his dreamlike drawings and paintings, Plensa’s art is characterized by a unique blend of ethereal beauty, evocative symbolism, and haunting simplicity. With each piece, he invites us to explore new realms of thought and feeling, to question our assumptions, and to find meaning and magic in the unfolding of our own experiences.

Current exhibition — Poetry of silence

Before visiting Jaume Plensa’s exhibition at La Pedrera, I was familiar with his larger-than-life sculptures. You can find them in prominent public spaces in Barcelona as well as across the globe—from New York City to Tokyo. His pieces often feature the human figure, exploring themes of identity and spirituality. He seamlessly blends art and technology, breathing new life into the traditional sculpting process.

I was delighted to find a more intimate and lesser known body of work at this exhibition. The overarching theme focuses on how literature and language have influenced his work. He explores the relationship between words, symbols, and human forms, using materials to depict letters, numbers, or fragments of text. These elements are often intertwined with the physical structure of the sculptures, creating a harmonious fusion of language and form.

Rather than the large sculptures he’s known for, this show included smaller, interactive sculptures, engaging viewers in a unique and unforgettable way. The art in this exhibition captures the human spirit with a tapestry of life, death, family,  memory and spirituality. Plensa reminds us, in an increasingly globalized world, of our common humanity and the ability of art to bring us together.

jaume plensa exhibition barcelona

Innovative use of materials

One of the most remarkable aspects of Plensa’s work is his use of materials to create ethereal and translucent sculptures. He often employs stainless steel mesh or thin sheets of metal, which he shapes and molds to form the contours of his figures. By doing so, Plensa creates sculptures that are simultaneously solid and permeable, allowing light and shadows to pass through and around them. This technique results in a delicate, ethereal quality that lends his sculptures a sense of weightlessness and spiritual presence.

Plensa also incorporates other materials, such as glass, resin, and bronze, into his works. He frequently combines these materials with the use of technology, incorporating LED lights or projections into his sculptures to enhance their visual impact. This fusion of traditional and contemporary materials and techniques adds an extra layer of complexity and innovation to his artwork.

Final Thoughts

With his unique vision and creativity, Jaume Plensa challenges us to open our minds and hearts to the beauty that surrounds us, and to embrace the mystery and complexity of our existence. Whether you are a seasoned art lover or a newcomer to the world of contemporary art, Plensa’s work is sure to captivate your imagination.

The show Poetry of Silence runs until July 23rd at Casa Milá (La Pedrera).

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