community through art in barcelona

Building Community through Art in Sagrera

In Sagrera, a project called “El comerç hi és empre” (“Local commerce is always there”) is breathing new life into the neighborhood. Led by Rebobinart and joined by SAAC, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Design Centre, and Elisava, this initiative aims to transform the area by adding unique art to everyday places.

Local shop fronts are getting colorful makeovers. The project is not merely about adorning shop shutters with artistic flair; the idea is to make the neighborhood feel more alive and connected. Each painting tells a story about the shop, making the whole area more interesting and welcoming.

The choice to use urban art is important. It’s not just about painting; it’s about using creativity to make a positive change. By adding color and personality to everyday spots, urban art can make people feel happier and more included in their community. It’s a reminder that art can unite us and make our neighborhoods stronger.

Community through Art

Jalón de Aquiles, a well-known artist from Barcelona, is the creative force behind many of these artworks. His paintings celebrate the hard work of local shop owners and the spirit of the neighborhood.

Rebobinart is committed to projects that not only enhance urban spaces but also foster meaningful connections within communities. They’re working to make a real difference in people’s lives. “El comerç hi és empre” is a great example of this. It shows how art can turn ordinary places into something special, bringing joy and connection to everyone who experiences it. 

Visit the Sagrera neighborhood and see for yourself how art can make our communities brighter and happier places to be.

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