Albert Casals short film

Albert Casals: An Interior Portrait

At the end of a small street in El Raval is a hole in the wall, inside which you will find a long, winding room filled with every kind of art you can imagine. This studio belongs to Albert Casals, a 78-year-old abstract artist who has been creating art for the last 60 years.

Albert Casals has lived in Barcelona all his life and has also been an artist all his life. Albert remembers painting for the first time at the age of ten or twelve and has been an artist to the core ever since. Albert has had his art in over 25 exhibitions and his studio is filled with sculptures, paintings, sketches, collages and books, all done by Albert.

Day after day, Albert is in his studio turning the world around him into his art. When I stumbled upon Albert’s studio, I knew instantly that I needed to make a film about this man and his relationship to what he creates, which was unlike any other relationship between an artist and his art that I had ever known. I wanted to not only create a film to showcase Albert’s beautiful art and immerse myself in his mysterious and brilliant mind, but also to show how Albert’s art is like a companion to him and explore how his life became his art and his art became became his life.

– Esme Rose Warren

Documentary short film | 6 minutes | 2022 | high definition
Directed by Esme Warren | Produced by Tom Garner, OTOXO Productions

About the filmmaker

Esme Rose Warren is a filmmaker with experience in producing award-winning socially driven documentaries, working as a documentary researcher & filmmaker, camera operator, trainee casting agent for film and television. Esme spent the last year living in Barcelona whilst collaborating with OTOXO Productions and as of November 2022 she is now based in London.

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