present tense exhibition

Present Tense Exhibition

According to the dictionary, ‘home’ is a word that relates to the place where one lives. However, every single person has a different understanding of it. There are specific sounds, smells, materials, landscapes, images, sensations or even people that one can associate with their homeland

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public art in barcelona

Public Art in Barcelona

There’s a certain charm to wandering through city streets and unexpectedly stumbling upon a striking piece of art– as if the city is sharing a secret with you. In Barcelona, you never know what you might stumble upon. Whether it’s a colorful mural tucked away

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The Story Behind Onimations

In September 2022 I launched Onimations with the intention of producing animations on the subjects of psychology, philosophy, and zen in collaboration with renowned authors and publications. The first animation, titled “How to Face Suffering” was produced in association with the Ram Dass Foundation and

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