Curro Claret and Arrels Fundació

Curro Claret & Arrels Fundació Transform Co Art into Functional Furniture at Westfield Glòries

  • The industrial designer Curro Claret and Arrels Fundació have reused the materials used in the work of the artist Georges Rousse, exhibited last summer at the center, to create different pieces of furniture. The result is on display at Westfield Glòries for the next six months.
  • The work of the French artist Georges Rousse consisted of a large heptagonal sculpture. As the public approached, the geometric figure was deconstructed and invited visitors to walk through it.

Westfield Glòries presents the furniture created by industrial designer Curro Claret, which will go to Arrels Fundació, based on the work ‘Barcelona 2023′ by Georges Rousse, exhibited last summer at the center. This redesign allows all of the French artist’s materials to be offered a second life, in a project that once again reaffirms Westfield Glòries’ commitment to culture, art and sustainability as its main pillars, through a circular action that influences in the link with the environment and the community where it is present.

Works by Curro Claret

All objects, images and information from the creation process of the pieces will be displayed on the street level of Westfield Glòries for six months. In total, 12 pieces of furniture – stools, tables and lamps – have been created over five weeks of work in the Arrels Fundació workshops. Visitors who come to the center will not only be able to contemplate the transformative work of this action as a whole but also purchase them by entering and sending an email to

The project has been coordinated by the Barcelona designer Curro Claret, a graduate in industrial design from the Elisava school of design and engineering. Claret began working as a freelance designer in 1998 and, since then, he has developed different projects for galleries, foundations, companies and institutions, such as the Barcelona City Council or the Generalitat of Catalonia, thanks to which he has received various distinctions and awards.

Works by Curro Claret

‘Barcelona 2023’, by Georges Rousse, consisted of a large monumental heptagonal sculpture, which established a complex link between the architecture of space, painting and photography. As the public approached, the figure deconstructed and invited visitors to walk through its interior.

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