Barcelona’s Alternative Art Galleries

Discovering Barcelona’s Alternative Art Galleries

Barcelona is a hub for alternative art galleries that offer a unique window into the city’s vibrant artistic scene. Discover creativity that goes beyond the traditional galleries, from small art spaces tucked away in narrow alleys to sprawling warehouse spaces in the Poblenou neighborhood, there is no shortage of creative expression to discover. Barcelona’s alternative art galleries are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Please be aware that many of these galleries are open only during special events or by appointment. Please visit their websites to learn more!

biencuadrado art gallery

C/ d’Ataülf, 14

BienCuadrado is a creative space in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. ​Since opening in 2016, the space has developed into one of the city’s most exciting and non-formulaic gallery spaces. More than just a gallery, ​BienCaudrado has organically evolved into a meeting point for artists and collectors through exhibitions, events and studio spaces. An ‘​open door’ approach encourages visitors to engage with artists from idea to fully realised exhibitions. This dialogue makes for a unique and dynamic cultural energy.

gaia art and ceremony exhibition in barcelona

C6 Gallery
C/ Corretger, 6

The C6 Gallery is a unique and transformative space founded by Yasmin Julie Bergmann Larsen and Thomas Luiz Awazu Pereira da Silva. Situated in the historic Born neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain, C6 serves as a portal to the collective unconscious, celebrating the interconnectedness of all things and the eternal dance between the seen and the unseen.

Flash Gallery BCN
Av. de Mistral, 57

On the corner of Carrer d’Entença and Carrer Floridablanca, nestled between two unsuspecting businesses, lies Flash Gallery BCN; an intimate environment featuring exposed brick, wooden beams and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Architect and Flash Gallery BCN founder and owner, David Correa has had a great deal of contact with working artists. He’s seen first hand how hard it can be for artists to get their work into the world, make a name for themselves and make a living. His gallery offers just four exhibitions per year to a close-knit group of art aficionados and friends.

Fousion Gallery Barcelona

Fousion Gallery
C/ Carassa, 4

Fousion Gallery is committed to exhibiting and endorsing an extraordinary array of artworks from the New Contemporary Art movement. The gallery showcases both remarkable emerging talents and renowned artists who excel in diverse fields such as Pop Surrealism, Original Illustration, Urban Art, Abstract, and Conceptual Graffiti.

khaOs art space

KhaOs Stories
C/ de Mèxic, 19

Unlike traditional galleries, the team at KhaOs considers themselves story-tellers. Each exhibition is crafted as a unique and personalized narrative, featuring extraordinary individuals who embody curiosity, boldness, and a nomadic spirit.

C/Carrer Comercial 3

Krucopia is an unconventional creative hub that not only hosts an array of exhibitions and workshops but also commissions and collaborates on projects with emerging artists. They aim to create awareness for new talent arising in the arena of the fine arts to art lovers and collectors. They endorse the visual arts in a plethora of mediums from women of all walks of life but predominantly focusing our attention on young emerging artists to exhibit.

olivart art gallery barcelona

Olivart Art Gallery
C/ Banys Vells, 6

Olivart is an inviting gallery specializing in young local and foreign artists living and working in Barcelona. Located in a beautiful space on a quiet street of the Born district.

200cent gallery

C/ del Consell de Cent, 200

Art Gallery & Creative Art Space.
Founded by @kirrakusy @annafloto_ @tinytitzzz

The 200CENT Gallery in Barcelona offers an authentic and unpretentious glimpse into the dynamic fusion of the city’s transience and the roots of local, underground, and emerging artists.

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