woodworking studios barcelona

Woodworking Studios in Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic place to be for carpenters and craftspeople. There are many workshops to rent a table or space to create, here is our growing list of woodworking studios in Barcelona.

If you're looking for workshop dedicated to ceramics, plastic arts and painting, or coworking for digital creatives, check the resources at the bottom of the page!


Woodworking Studios in Barcelona

woodworking studios barcelona

Casa de la Fusta

Casa de la Fusta—their name literally translates to The House of Wood—is a beautiful sawdust-scented workshop in the heart of La Sagrera neighbourhood. They are woodworkers and object makers. A group of people who are passionate about woodworking, design and craftsmanship They work combining traditional techniques with practical solutions using modern machinery.

Carrer Almería, 25, local, Barcelona (La Sagrera)

woodworking studios barcelona

Espronceda 164

Espronceda 164 taller d'art is a shared among artists and artisans. Located in an old warehouse in the Poblenou neighborhood.

Espronceda 164, Barcelona (Poblenou)

made makerspace barcelona


MADE is a flexible space created so that artists, designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, creatives, engineers, makers, fabbers and hackers can develop their own projects. It is organized to facilitate the development of an open community of distributed learning, co-production and entrepreneurship activities.

Carrer de la Noguera Pallaresa 61, Barcelona (Sants)

martillo woodowrking studio barcelona


Martillo is a fine arts studio with a carpentry workshop included alongside other activities. They have state-of-the-art laser cutting and 3D printing machinery, coupled with traditional tools such as a simple hammer, for artists, designers and creators can develop all their talents. 

Mare de déu del Pilar, 17, Barcelona (Born)

woodworking studios in barcelona


TMDC membership offers you a professional workspace tailored to your needs. TMDC is for carpenters and blacksmiths, start-ups that develop a physical product and freelancers from manufacturing. Flexible co-working, unlimited hours and prototype workshop. If you need a temporary space to set up a project, an art department for films and series, a large project, we have the space you need.

Rambla de Prim, 258, Barcelona (Besós El Maresma)

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