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Coworking Art Studios in Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic city to work in for artists and craftspeople and there are many workshops to rent a table or space to create. Here is a growing list of Art Studios in Barcelona.

If you’re specifically looking for workshop dedicated to ceramics, woodworking or coworking for digital creatives, check the resources at the bottom of the page!

Art Studios in Barcelona

2 walls art studios barcelona

2 Walls Art Lab

2 Walls is a bright 120m2 diaphanous attic with coworking spaces for artists in the Poblenou district. The space has internet, kitchen, air conditioning and the building has a loading and unloading area, forklifts and elevator. Apart from the individual work tables, there is a space equipped with a large table to give workshops and courses, it is rented by project or by the hour.

C/ Llull 47, Barcelona (Poblenou).

(re)MADE Makerspace Barcelona

Re-MADE is a flexible space organized to facilitate co-production and learning activities through the development of community. The objective of MADE is to promote open and participatory community development, learning, peer to peer, co-production and art activities. We strive to incubate knowledge and experiential learning, prototype concepts and have fun all together.

Carrer Espronceda 326, Nave 11

biencuadrado art studios barcelona


BienCuadrado is a creative space in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. ​Since opening in 2016, the space has developed into one of the city’s most exciting and non-formulaic gallery spaces. More than just a gallery, ​BienCaudrado has organically evolved into a meeting point for artists and collectors through exhibitions, events and studio spaces. An ‘​open door’ approach encourages visitors to engage with artists from idea to fully realised exhibitions. This dialogue makes for a unique and dynamic cultural energy.

By appointment only: Ataulf 14, Barcelona (Gothic)

la botanica art coworking studio barcelona

La Botànica

La Botànica Barcelona is a green creative space for artists, illustrators, artisans and anyone else looking for a cozy and comfy spot to give shape, color and visibility to their work as well as a place to sell. We offer a space of 270 m2 located in the neighborhood of Poble Sec. We have an exposition room for meetings and classes, 11 large wooden desks and plenty of open space for our artists to fill with creativity, color and personality. The aim is that everyone feels part of the space and contributes their ideas in order to give it a touch of originality and character.

Cabanes 33, Barcelona (Poble Sec)

la chiquita art studios barcelona

Chiquita Room

Chiquita Room is a center for contemporary art and creation that develops its activity as a gallery, residence for artists, producer and curator of projects, publisher of artist books. Chiquita Room is a home for international artists, it offers a space for accommodation, artistic production and exhibition. Through its own residency program, it invites artists to live in Barcelona, ​​integrate and be inspired by the city and carry out the entire creative process.

Villarroel 25, Barcelona (Sant Antoní)

la escocesa workspaces for artists barcelona

La Escocesa

La Escocesa is a multidisciplinary artistic production center focused on visual arts and self-managed with a public vocation. It is housed in a manufacturing facility from 1899, where 100 years later, in 1999 it was used for artist workshops. It currently has 21 workshops, the awarding of which works through a public call that is held periodically.

Pere IV 345, Barcelona (Poblenou)

hangar artistic studio in barcelona


Hangar‘s coworking space is aimed at sectors of the creative cultural field such as film, design, advertising, architecture, software programming, and so on. It is situated in a Hangar Microfugas building, in a rectangular attic of 70m2. It is a totally diaphanous space with natural light. Hangar also has three spaces that are rented to artists, projects or cultural productions according to availability: Ricson, Multipurpose Space and Photo Set.

Emilia Coranty 16, Barcelona (Poblenou)

nauart artistic workspace barcelona


NauART is an artistic workspace focused on contemporary visual and plastic arts. Its mission is to promote artistic creation, research and dissemination by supporting professional, emerging and amateur creators, fostering training and the exchange of resources and experiences. NauArt is has individual workspaces in a large, industrial warehouse and 200 m2 space to facilitate shared work.

Carrer Espronceda 154, Barcelona (Poblenou)

martillo art studios in barcelona


Martillo is a fine arts workshop that includes a co-working area, laser machine, 3Dprinting, ceramics studio, fully equipped wood workshop, art gallery and shop, street art support, events and courses.

Mare de déu del Pilar 17, Barcelona (La Ribera)

produktburo workspace poblenou

Produkt Burô

Produkt Burô is a multidisciplinary space organized to produce. They want to function as individuals who give life to an organism that grows from exchange, complementation of trades, creative work and from materialization. Work spaces for craftsmen, designers and creators. Semi-private modules, meeting rooms, exhibition space, and more.

C/ Ramón Turró 154, Barcelona (Poblenou)

Tangent Projects Studios

Tangent Projects Studios

In Tangent Projects studios there are 7 affordable art studios of different sizes. As a not-for-profit cultural association, and not a commercial venture, Tangent Projects is artist driven and focused. We provide fair-priced, comfortable studio spaces for artists to work in a creative and dynamic environment whilst also connecting and engaging with others working in the arts – both locally and globally.

Carrer Martí Codolar, 41, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

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  1. Hi! We are three girls who are interested in renting an art studio, what are your prices? Our budget is 350 euros per month.

    1. Hi Lova, FrikiFish shares information about art in Barcelona, but we don’t have any studio space for rent. The best thing you can do is to get in touch with some of the studios on this list. Good luck!

  2. hola,

    my name is Cemi Guzman, feature film producer & painter. I’m currently in Ireland shooting a series but looking to rent an art studio in Spain. Both my girlfriend & I are painters & we would like to spend a few months in Spain, specifically to paint. I am hoping you guys have studios for monthly rent & the details.

    We are very much set one Spain, so regardless, we will figure a way to paint there. If there are any other knowledge or resources, were all ears & greatly appreciative. framing large pieces, art stores, other studios, anything would be appreciated.

    truly grateful for your time, Thank you Thank you I hope to hear from someone

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