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Milton Glaser on creativity

Move Towards What you Don’t Know

Iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser discusses creativity. He says most significant works come out of misunderstanding. For this reason, designers must move away from what they already know, even if they’re receiving recognition and good pay for their work. A designer must DO! Do work, any work, whether it’s good… Read more

course review 137 figurative sculpture

Course Review: Figurative Sculpture

Figurative sculpture and the human form have always been present as artistic expression; from prehistoric cave paintings through the classical perfection of ancient Greece, up to current contemporary representations. I’m a hobby artist without any formal training and I enjoy creating abstract works such as masks or small sculptures based… Read more

Salir con Arte: the art of drinking and painting

Painting and wine. For centuries this inspiring combination has been a quintessential pastime for artists around the world. Today, painting and wine is being marketed as an alternative night on the town, combining leisure and creativity. My friends and I signed up for one of the offers available in Barcelona… Read more

Unique experience: innovative music and erotic sculptures in el Bosc de Can Ginebreda

This weekend I headed up to el Bosc de Can Ginebreda, next to the beautiful town of Banyoles to attend the visionary l”Estrany Music Festival. This is a collaborative effort brought to you by local artists and musicians who come together once a year to co-create interactive installations and improvisational,… Read more