The World of Banksy, Barcelona

The World of Banksy, Now a Museum in Barcelona

The Banksy Museum presents more than 100 works, life-size reproductions between the years 2000 and 2018 of the artist’s creations in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and Palestine. It also hosts framed works from private collections.

Established as an artist of world renown, Banksy has managed to preserve his anonymity while making an impact with political and anti-consumerist murals. Banksy is a transboundary migrant, ephemeral, a universal citizen, and his works convey these messages.

From exhibition to museum

Due to the success of the exhibition “The World Of Banksy,” the show on the master of street art has become a Museum at the Espacio Trafalgar in Barcelona.

In addition to crossing borders, the exhibition proposes a journey throughout the artists’ career to let you be carried away, to discover or rediscover mural works that have disappeared-either due to the passage of time, because they have been covered up or stolen by those interested in their monetary value.

Beyond any attempt to reveal who Banksy really is, the show tries to put his work into context and invite the visitor to enjoy a unique experience. Each of his works has a powerful message. Be it love, peace or social and political protest. Banksy’s work is accessible to all and does not leave anyone indifferent.

banksy barcelona
the world of banksy barcelona

Let yourself be guided around the world, from New York to London via Paris and Bethlehem or Gaza. You get the opportunity to discover the most famous works from Banksy all in one place.

The Espacio Trafalgar is a beautiful space of more than 2,000m2 with an outdoor patio to immerse in the urban universe of the artist. It is a unique experience -an immersion in the heart of Banksy’s work, a journey that transcends borders.

In order not to distort the context of each work and to facilitate their understanding, the works are arranged according to their origin. The route of the exhibition is divided into three floors, with a level dedicated to the United States, one to the United Kingdom and to Paris.

Probably one of Banksy’s most infamous works is the The Walled Off Hotel, which opened its doors to the public on March 11, 2017. More than a hotel, it is a true “political installation” that Banksy made, a few steps from the wall of Bethlehem and where some rooms offer an “impressionable” view of the concrete partition. In the exhibition you will discover one of the reproductions of these rooms, armed with minute details.

The World of Banksy is a fascinating exhibition, an exciting walk that allows the visitor to discover the rebellious and revolutionary spirit of urban art. “Everywhere with your eyes, with your ears and wherever you turn your head, you are not in front of a Banksy, you are in a Banksy,” says the exhibition curator, Mr. Vardar.

The duration of the visit is estimated at one hour. Rates:
Adults (over 25 years old) – € 12
Students (up to 25 years old) – € 9
Seniors (over 65 years old) – € 9
Groups (from 10 people) – € 8
Children (up to 6 years old) – Free
People with reduced mobility – Free

Every Monday, visit the exhibition with one of our guides and learn all about The World of Banksy. Guided tour available in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese (other languages ​​on request).

You can buy your tickets at the Trafalgar Space or online ( Location:
Calle Trafalgar 34, 08010 Barcelona Metro: Line 1, Line 4 – Urquinaona
Bus: 19, 120, H16, N4 – Arrêt Trafalgar Bruc
Parkings: Parking Trafalgar – Parking Trafalgar: Carrer de Trafalgar 52 / Parking Saba Arco de Triunfo: Carrer de Trafalgar 82 / Parking Ortigosa: Carrer d’Ortigosa 7

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