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Inspiring Street Art in Barcelona

Art is meant to be more than beautiful. It should be inspiring and in many cases, controversial.

Creative minds are the best candidates to break taboos and push forward social change. And what better place to catch the public's attention than in the streets? That's why these days, some of the most motivational and cutting edge artwork is found on empty lots and street corners. (Just look at Banksy.)

Barcelona is home to a thriving street art scene

Barcelona attracts urban art admirers from near and far. Some of the more popular areas to find street art is the historic city center, especially El Raval, The Three Chimneys Urban Park as well as the Poble Nou district.

Many people are offering guided tours to explore the street art in Barcelona. Check out Meetup or similar sites for more info.

Here are a few of our favorite paintings that make people smile, make people think or bring joy and color to the grey urban landscape.

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