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Pottery in Barcelona

Pottery Studios in Barcelona | Talleres de Cerámica

Studio pottery is growing in popularity, and no wonder! We’re growing tired of a mechanized society. We want the vessels we use to decorate or consume our food to tell a unique story of creativity and craftsmanship.

Making time in our day to be creative is also more important than ever. Ceramics is the perfect way to relax, be present and stretch our creative muscles.

The surge of interest in studio ceramics means that there are more ceramic co-working spaces, supply stores, fairs and people interested in pottery. The offer for pottery studios in Barcelona continues to grow ear year. Below they’re listed in alphabetical order.

You can also request to receive more information about pottery courses and workshops here.

Pottery Studios in Barcelona

137Degrees Pottery studio Barcelona137° Ceramic Art Studio

137º Ceramic Art Studio opened its doors in June of 2015 to train, support and strengthen ceramic artists. The 137º Studio is located on Calle Llull near the metro PobleNou. They offer a variety of ceramics courses and workshops for beginners and experienced artists; including intensive, continuous and individual courses. They also have a "free access" schedule during the week. The space includes a large coworking area for resident artists and they organize a quarterly exposition to share their latest work. The classroom space is available for open work hours when class is not in session. The studio is equipped with a kitchen and dining area, a chill-out area and exhibition space. Learn more >


Atuell Pottery Studio in BarceonaAtuell

Unlike the other pottery studios on this list, Atuell offers an open studio schedule from Mon-Thurs 5:30 to 9:00pm and 5:30-8pm on Fridays. Students can access the workshop any time during this schedule. Access cards are sold for 5 hours (37 Euros) and 10 hours (65 Euros). Slips, basic glazes and firings are included in the price of the card. The studio is located in the Gracia district, near the Fontana metro stop. Learn more >


BCN Clay StudioPottery studios in barcelona

BCN Clay Studio launched in September 2018, offering new classes and coworking opportunities in the Gracia district. They currently have spaces available for ceramists and jewelers. Perks include a personal table, personal drawer + shelves, access to kilns, pottery wheels and basic glazes, kitchenette + coffee/tea. They have ongoing as well as weekend workshops dedicated to wheel-throwing, hand-building, porcelain and more. Location in the heart of Gracia. Learn more >



['eko.] ceramic space barcelona['eko.] Ceramic Space

Tucked into the eclectic and quaint district of Sant Antoní, you can find a beautiful space dedicated to clay, named after it's founder, Echo (pronounced ['eko]). Native to China, Echo has worked with many art forms, including photography and jewelry, before finally settling down in the world of clay. Her creative space offers coworking, workshops as well as pop-up shows.   Learn more >



ElTorndeBarcelona Pottery Studio in BarcelonaEl Torn de Barcelona

In 2007 Martin Loew left Switzerland to start a pottery school in Barcelona, which evolved into the present El Torn Barcelona ceramics hub. This ceramics studio is located on the second floor of a large commercial building in the district of PobleNou. With 430m2 there is a large classroom, exhibition area, coworking studio spaces, a glazing area and kitchen/bathrooms. El Torn de Barcelona studio space is shared among a large group of international artists and they offer continuous and intensive classes for all skill levels. Learn more >


forma arts pottery in BarcelonaFORMA

FORMA school offers ceramics courses, sculpture courses, potter's wheel courses, enamel courses, drawing and painting courses. No experience is required in any of the courses. It is the oldest private ceramic school in Barcelona, ​​founded in 1970. Currently run by native Barcelona artist Elisabet Auleda. Learn more >


Laüma Pottery Studio in BarcelonaLaüma

Laüma is an artistic studio that is born with the objective of bringing creativity closer to everyday life. They offer courses related to artistic creation to initiate exchange, experimentation, autonomous learning and creative freedom. It’s also posible to rent the space for personal or collective projects. Learn more >



LesMans Pottery Studio BarcelonaLesMans

LesMans is a space for creation and training in ceramics and other artistic disciplines such as animation and gardening. They offer courses, monographs, work spaces for coworkers and store-gallery. Located in the district of El Clot, LesMans is a cozy space open to creativity! Learn more >



Little StudioLittle Studio Ceramics Pottery Studio in Barcelona

Located in the district of Gracia, Little Studio offers classes for kids and adults. There is an exposition space as well as coworking spaces to create your ceramics autonomously. Learn more >




kanay pottery studio in barcelonaStudio Kanay

Founded by Katia Falcón in  2016, Studio Kanay is located in the historic center of Barcelona, in the district of El Raval. Studio Kanay offers hand-building pottery classes as well as wheel throwing classes. There are also a few coworking spaces for artists to work independently. Learn more >



Taller de Ceràmica Japonesa Yuu

The Taller de Cerámica Yuu is run by Japanese potter Motoko Araki. This ceramics studio is located in the historic city center, in the district of La Ribera. Classes for small groups are offered Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and there is a small gallery where exhibitions are held. Learn more >



vuela sola y hombre pez pottery studio in barcelonaVuelasola y Hombre Pez

Vuelasola and Hombre Pez is a production ceramics studio that unites the workshops of two Spanish artists, Mily Brezmes and Vicente Rivera. Located in the district of El Born, the studio space includes a gallery and classroom space. Learn more >

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