pottery studios in Barcelona

Pottery Studios in Barcelona

Making time in our day to be creative is more important than ever. Pottery is the perfect way to relax, be present and stretch our creative muscles.

There has been a surge in interest in pottery in recent years, and with it there are more ceramic co-working spaces, supply stores, fairs and people interested in pottery. The offer for pottery studios in Barcelona continues to grow. Below they’re listed in alphabetical order.

Pottery Studios in Barcelona


137° Ceramic Art Studio

137° Pottery Studio in Barcelona


Atuell Pottery Studio in Barceona


bas ceramics studio barcelona

BCN Clay Studio

Pottery studios in barcelona

Corrie Bain Ceramics School

corrie bain ceramics school

[‘eko.] Ceramic Space

['eko.] ceramic space barcelona

Espai Ku

ku means emptiness, latent potentiality, constant changes. Espai ku is a ceramics studio, a working place for its members. Ceramics, painting and sculpture are our main activities. Espai ku also has an area exhibiting the work of its members, and eventually also that of guest artists. There has emerged the possibility to host concerts, theatre and other events. Espai ku is also a place where guest artists/ artisans can offer various workshops.  Learn more > espai ku barcelona

El Torn de Barcelona

el torn de barcelona taller


forma arts pottery in Barcelona


Laüma Pottery Studio Barcelona


LesMans Pottery Studio Barcelona

Little Studio

little studio ceramics in barcelona

Studio Kanay


studio kanay pottery in barcelona

Taller de Ceràmica Japonesa Yuu

yuu pottery studio in barcelona

Terra i Pell

terra i pell artisans in barcelona

Turbot Design

turbo design pottery studio in barcelona

Vuelasola y Hombre Pez

vuelasola hombrepez taller de ceramica

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  3. please can you help me in where I can find a second hand pottery wheel?
    Budget up to €500 for the right wheel


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