driftwood art by lucilamps

Making Luminous Driftwood Art with Luci Lamps

Natural curves and organic textures in mixed media, upcycled, functional artwork… sounds amazing, right?

Meet Rino from Luci Lamps. He’s an Italian craftsman based in Barcelona who has just started a new project uniting with Mother Nature to make driftwood art for nature lovers.

His work is popping up in homes and yoga studios across town and we wanted to learn more about his magical creations!

driftwood art barcelona

Hi Rino, let’s start by learning a little bit about your history. Can you tell us about where you come from and what you’re interested in?

I’m originally from Italy and was born and raised in a vibrant city called Napoli. I’m interested in anything that involves creative processes…like making art, cooking a delicious meal, anything that has to do using my hands. 🙂

How did you first start working with driftwood?

I reckon it was always in me, I just had to connect with it. I started some years back with some small personal projects. I was always fascinated by these amazing driftwood branches that sometimes I stumbled upon when going places and always thought…one day I will make some beautiful art out of it.

Can you tell us about your new project: Luci Lamps?

Yes, Luci Lamps is a new conscious design project to design and create lamps, wooden furniture and unique pieces incorporating modern techniques and other materials like concrete, copper & natural fibre cables.

driftwood art barcelona

Can you walk us through the creative process of designing a lamp?

It’s all about the piece of wood that you find, that’s when the creative process kicks in. Sometimes I instantly know what to do with it just because of the shape, other times it just comes to me as I have the wood there in the workshop and all of sudden…bang I have an idea!!!

In a way you’re collaborating with Mother Nature—both of you have a role to play in designing each artwork. How does it feel to work with the world’s greatest artist?

It feels amazing, It’s so fascinating really. I get to learn a lot just from observing how incredible Mother Nature provides for us. She does most of the work, then I just connect with it and create. I really like to work with the shapes,the curves, the tones of the wood that I find, and try to keep it as original as possible. Always ask Her for permission before I take a piece of wood with me and tell Her that I will make Her proud 🙂

What are the challenges in designing and crafting lamps out of driftwood?

There are always challenges…It’s important to pick wood that looks in good shape, paying attention whether there could be termites in the wood, treating it for possible bugs or fungus that could deteriorate the wood in the long run. Other times there may be a small crack that you need to fill in and later make sure it’s well done and looks like nothing happened there. Little trick of the trade 😉

What tools and materials do you work with besides the wood?

I use molds of many kinds to make the shape that will be the base for a strong standing and hold of the lamp, sanding machines and paper, wood wax, pieces of copper tubes, natural fibre cables and a bunch of self-made tools to work and clean the wood.

Which is your favorite piece thus far?

They all are! All unique and one of a kind in their forms, shapes, colors.

driftwood art lamps driftwood art lamps

Where can our readers learn more about your lamps and get in touch for commissions?

Through my Instagram account: luci.lamps

Thanks for sharing with us today Rino. We look forward to following your work!

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