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WindowSight’s Artistic Collections Now on Filmin Streaming Platform

In the realm of local art updates, there’s exciting news as two streaming services are teaming up to enrich your home with a broader array of artwork, beautifully showcased on your digital screens. If you’re a FrikiFish reader, you might recall WindowSight’s introduction in 2020 – a mobile app designed to exhibit art on your TV.

Starting on July 13th, WindowSight and Filmin officially launched a new experience for all Filmin subscribers, introducing the concept of daily consumption of timeless artwork and captivating photography to bring life to your TV screens and spaces.

WindowSight seeks to explore a new business opportunity and collaborate with the well-known Spanish streaming platform to share knowledge, culture and art, terms aligned with the values of both companies. The project will showcase the potential of the WindowSight platform and provide a unique way to enhance the TV experience during various activities, such as dinners with family or friends, telecommuting, relaxation sessions,… with meticulously curated selections for every occasion.

With 55 collections grouped into 8 thematic series, it covers a wide range of art movements, including Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Abstract Art and the Belle Époque, with leading artists representing them such as Hokusai, Vermeer, Monet, Klimt, Goya and Van Gogh. The selections also include acclaimed photography from recent years and influential photographers such as John Stanmeyer, George Steinmeitz, Steve Winter and Arturo Rodríguez, whose work “Roars to life after 50 years” captures the La Palma volcano eruption in 2021, gaining international recognition and earning prestigious awards.

According to Jaume Ripoll, editorial director of Filmin: “With this new proposal for our subscribers, we invite them to make the most of the possibilities of their television, turning their living rooms into pleasant exhibition halls with some of the most significant works of contemporary art”.

At the same time, Pol Rosset, co-founder and CEO of WindowSight, states: “The integration of WindowSight into Filmin is successfully embracing our vision of bringing art and photography closer to people’s daily lives. By collaborating with important players in the audiovisual industry, we can evaluate how your subscribers interact with said content and obtain valuable ideas to improve the experience and explore new business opportunities.”

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