Vernissage at KhaOs Story #7

Vernissage at KhaOs Story #7

You could almost miss the quiet, white-walled backstreet off of Calle Méxic on the lower slopes of Montjuic, but don’t be fooled by modest first appearances. This alley is lined with small, exquisite art galleries and artists’ workshops that are a creative world of their own.

At the very end of the lane is KhaOs Stories, an art space that presents itself as a story-teller rather than a traditional gallery. The inspiration for today’s narrative is spring. Story #7 is a highly anticipated group show with thirteen international artists, combining painting, sculpture, photography and fashion.

Vernissage at KhaOs Story #7
Vernissage at KhaOs Story #7

Outside the space, attendees chat and mingle, drinking wine and cava among the tables and pulsing DJ set. As you enter the event space, the striking first piece to catch your attention is a tall and colorful wooden sculpture by Marc Sparfel; next to a uniquely layered ceramic sculpture by Eusebio Sanchez; an alluring painting by Fabien Conti, perfectly placed next to the ceramic art installation by Réjean Peytavin.

Pieces are displayed on window sills, hanging from the ceilings and appear to suspend in the air, while others sit on white block podiums. As you wind through the different rooms, a unique blend of artworks reveal themselves; jaw-dropping fashion that screams spring by Aitor Goikoetxea; winding women in paintings by Laura Gonballes; crochet art by Cecile Dachary; artistic storytelling by Rebecca Tanda; flowing wooden sculptures by Mario Conti; mesmerizing floral photography by Kenta Umemoto; contemporary wall sculptures by Valéry Guo; twisting, tubular sculptures by Roger Coll and bright and cheerful designs by Marie Verley Doz.

Vernissage at KhaOs Story #7

KhaOs Story #7 is a wonderful execution of gallery space and interior art placement. The exhibition itself is a great demonstration of color, texture, light and emotion. Upon spending time with each piece, it’s clear that the artists featured really highlight the dichotomy between nature and other facets of expression like fashion, food and interior design. 

Spring is in the air outside with chill-out music, lively conversations, delicious hors d’oeuvres and rosé wine—all contributing to a fabulous opening night for an unforgettable exhibition. The show runs until the end of October, so please contact KhaOs Stories to arrange a visit.

By Leah Pratley & Amelia Johannsen

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