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Artist’s Bold Statement on Single-Use Plastics

The artist Francisco de Pájaro, also known as Art is Trash, creates a work of art from single-use containers to raise awareness about the ongoing issue. This initiative aims to sensitize the public about the environmental and social impact of daily consumption of such containers.

The Rezero Foundation has collaborated by providing a solution to the problem through reusable containers, which are positioned as great allies of the circular economy.

The artist’s work will be exhibited in one of the shopping center’s storefronts for six months to raise awareness among visitors about the importance of such actions.

Westfield Glories Good Festival. Photo: Xavi Caparros

Westfield Good Festival & collaborators

Westfield Glòries has just concluded the second edition of the Westfield Good Festival, its annual sustainability event featuring activities, workshops, and free talks for visitors who attended the center on April 19th, 20th, and 21st. During the festival, artist Francisco Pájaro, better known as Art is Trash, performed to showcase the issue of single-use containers and the importance of reuse to preserve the environment. His work will also be displayed in a shopping center storefront starting today for six months.

In addition to this action, a live podcast has been recorded on the reuse of containers as a step towards a zero waste society. This is a co-creation between betevé and the Rezero Foundation, with content, script, execution, presentation, and production handled by Rezero, and technical aspects managed by betevé.

The Rezero Foundation also promotes a pioneering project in the 22@ district aimed at encouraging the consumption of takeaway food and drinks in reusable containers through In Europe alone, over 2 billion single-use containers are consumed daily, directly impacting the environment, making it crucial to raise public awareness about such initiatives. Westfield Glòries, along with other food operators, participates in this project.

This campaign involves the Barcelona Restaurant Guild, the Poblenou Commercial District, the Barcelona City Council, bars, restaurants, and cafeterias in the 22@ district, as well as companies offering reusable containers: Bumerang, Vasovengo, and Les Mercedes. The main goal is to create a cleaner, more circular city.

Through this initiative, Westfield Glòries once again demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and the environment through various actions, which have earned it Breeam certification in 2021 and have been renewed over the years. Westfield Glòries reuses rainwater for its irrigation systems, uses 100% renewable energy, and all its lighting is LED. In terms of recycling, it has specialized recycling points and a selective collection system for paper, plastic, and non-recyclable waste. Additionally, it has 14 charging points for electric vehicles and works to reduce carbon emissions in its value chain by 50%.

The Westfield Good Festival is part of URW’s Better Places roadmap and aims to support the environmental transition of cities and the sustainable evolution of retail. More information about Better Places is available here. You can also learn about Westfield Glòries’ environmental commitment at this link.

Artist Bio

Francisco de Pájaro. Zafra, Extremadura (1970).Painter and urban artist residing in Barcelona since 2004. In 2009, during the national economic crisis, he took to the streets and created spontaneous and ephemeral interventions with abandoned objects, delivering a social critique with a clear and direct message to the viewer. Internationally known as Art is Trash or El Arte Es Basura, he has exhibited and inspired many artists worldwide, painting the streets of London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Seoul, Shanghai, Chicago, Beijing, Barcelona, Madrid, among many others. Currently, his artworks can be viewed and purchased on his website and physically at the gallery in Barcelona.

About Rezero

Rezero is an independent non-profit foundation that promotes a more just, healthy, and waste-free society, advocating through knowledge generation, political advocacy, pioneering projects execution, and advising social, economic, and administrative agents.

About Westfield Glòries

Westfield Glòries, opened in 1995, was one of the first shopping centers built in Barcelona. In 2015, it began a complete renovation project that invested over 148 million euros, with urban furniture designed by artist Javier Mariscal. Today, it has become a shopping center integrated into Barcelona’s urban fabric and the 22@ district. Westfield Glòries is committed to acting and collaborating as the backbone of its environment, clearly aligned with art, culture, and innovation, distinctive features of the 22@ district and the Sant Martí district. Commitment to sustainable mobility and respect for the environment are also integral values of the center. With a total area of 68,000 m2 and 140 establishments for dining, leisure, and fashion, including Uniqlo, Hollister, and Adidas, among others. In 2023, it received 15 million visitors. It employs over 2,000 people and has its own training program, Work@Westfield Glòries, created to facilitate youth employability in unemployment situations. The center supports local art and culture by exhibiting inspiring works and collaborating with entities like the Promotion of Arts and Design (FAD).

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