Kenor Transformed the Espronceda Stop Into an Abstract Artwork

This spring Rebobinart and TRAM completed the final intervention of Art in the TRAM, in the Espronceda stop of the T5 and T6 lines in Poblenou. This art project was carried out by the urban and multidisciplinary artist Kenor.

Kenor worked on a combination of three key ideas: connection, movement and deformation of images. The end result is a large mural work under the title ‘Contacts physiques’ depicting sounds, movements and rhythms of urban life.

On one side of the wall, the composition based on an interlacing of lines is intended to be the connecting element between people while waiting at the stop, inviting them to cross paths and get to know each other. On the other side, the work plays with kaleidoscopic shapes to present and observe a universe full of possibilities. This artistic intervention offers an immersive experience through the explosion of electrified colors and the representation of different urban concepts such as speed, traffic circulation, voices and the diversity of public transport users.


Art al TRAM is a project of artistic interventions curated by the urban art producer Rebobinart with the aim of using art to revitalize transit spaces in the streetcar facilities and turn them into friendlier places, as well as generate unique experiences for the passenger.

The initiative began in 2020 with the execution of the work of Iker Muro (Mur0ne) at the Cornellà Centre stop, where over 1600m² the multiculturalism and diversity of the streetcar users is represented through a set of intersecting face profiles that generate a sensation of movement. It continued in 2021 with the mural intervention by Amaia Arrazola at the Besòs stop, where inclusive, diverse, contemporary and metaphorical characters share space with giant birds native to the Besòs area. And in 2022 it was executed with the artist Elisa Capdevila who created a realistic mural work at the Sant Martí de Provençals stop. A garment that invites to distract and observe in a transit area, an increasingly rare activity in big cities and pays homage to the citizenship representing different scenes and people using the streetcar with their different bodies, ways of dressing, lifestyles, ethnicities, ages and moods.

With this artistic intervention at the Espronceda stop, the TRAM now has more than 4,500m² painted in total.


Kenor, born in Barcelona in 1976, has become a reference artist for abstract urban art, with geometric compositions and a palette of electrified colors that characterize his style. Vibrant forms and an interest in movement and light are central to his work. He began painting in the 1990s, moved by the tensions between the decadence of the urban landscape of the city of Barcelona and the rural environment of southern Spain, where his family comes from. The hybridization of different rhythms has been a constant throughout his career and has led him to be part of exhibitions such as Graffuturism (Los Angeles, 2012), Graffuturism L’Avenir (Denver, 2019) or DrapArt ’21 (Barcelona, 2021) and in making installations in centers such as the CaixaForum in Barcelona, the Grand Palais in Paris or the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Milan.

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