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SAMAMBA Presents “Expedition In Situ?” – An Immersive Art Experience

SAMAMBA is thrilled to invite art & creativity enthusiasts and families to “Expedition In Situ?” – an immersive art experience taking place on February 24th, 2024 at Binefar27, in Poblenou, just a 5-minute walk from La Pau station (Purple Line L2).

Embark on a journey of artistic excavation and exploration with SAMAMBA and talented mixed-media artist Michelle Andrea, as we delve into her captivating “In Situ?” artwork series. This unique experience invites participants to expand their understanding of cultural identity, heritage, looted art, and artifacts through a 360° perspective—artistic, philosophical, scientific, and experiential.

“In Situ?” is not just an art exhibition; it’s a co-creation, a critical reflection, and a creative exploration of cultural diversity and heritage. Michelle Andrea’s artwork, inspired by ancient artifacts, serves as a metaphor to spark conversations about displaced cultural identities and the importance of preserving one’s roots while adapting to a new home.

Michelle Andrea reflects on her series, stating, “It is important to celebrate culture, but what about those who have been taken away from their culture? ‘In Situ?’ experiments with storytelling and pop art to create stylized characters and abstract maps, sparking conversations about cultural diversity and heritage.”

Program Highlights

  • Participatory Art Exhibition
    Immerse yourself in three designated “excavation sites” containing interactive installations and a collective artwork, blurring the boundaries between observer and participant.
  • Archaeology Logic: Talk on Cave Paintings, Artefacts & Identity
    Engage in a participatory chat with archaeologist Natalia González and Michelle Andrea, exploring the correlation between ancient art, and contemporary cultural identity.
  • Make Your Own Artifact! with Bronte | Bodea Ceramics
    Discover how to transform your life experiences and emotions into unique, personal, 3D creations led by Bronte from Bodea Ceramics and Mich:A.
  • Boogie & Groove with Niznik | Lemon Eye Records

About Featured Artist Michelle Andrea

Michelle Andrea (she/her) is a Venezuelan-American mixed media artist. After obtaining a BFA in Painting from Herron School of Art + Design (USA) she moved to Barcelona, Spain. Her artwork studies culture and personifies traditions. Through stylized characters and abstract maps, Andrea plays with identity and nostalgia, leaving room for ambiguity and individual interpretation. She is currently under the representation of Optica.ef Gallery and has participated in several exhibitions internationally. In 2019, her work received an honorable mention prize, for its technical skill and conceptual competence (Basile Gallery, U.S.A). Her work has been purchased to form part of private collections in places such as the Eskenazi Health Artwork Collection and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

SAMAMBA .·. We Take Fun Seriously!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of “Expedition In Situ?” – a collective exploration of arts and culture. Tickets available on Eventbrite or RA!

For more information, contact SAMAMBA on Instagram or send them an email:

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