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Christina Krah

LANDscaping. Exhibition by Cristina Krah

Coinciding with the 13th edition of Art Nou, the Taché Art Gallery is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of the painter Cristina Krah, a recent graduate in Fine Arts. The exhibition will feature works by the young artist created entirely in 2024. With paintings of various formats, the exhibition will be open to the public until early September.

The artist expresses her idea of work in the following lines:

“The contemplation of nature and the effect of grandeur lead me to reaffirm how ephemeral we are and the need to capture the present moment. The admiration and fascination for the landscapes that surround us, as well as the awareness of the now, are the foundation of my work. Creating is my way of manifesting life.”

She continues:

“Abstraction and intuition dominate my work. Color reflects my emotions and the way I see our surroundings. Starting from the chaos we can find in nature, which at the same time is orderly, I try to bring that balanced disorder to my works.”



01 Jul 2024 - 01 Sep 2024


All Day


Galería Carles Taché
Calle Trafalgar, 70. Barcelona, Spain

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