activities in Barcelona

group exhibition poblenou


A new group exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 27 April 2024 at 5pm at the Hub/Art gallery in the Poblenou neighborhood. Twenty-four contemporary artists were specially selected for the event to create a kaleidoscopic exhibition among the different artistic interpretations. “Prospettiva…FUTURO” is a confluence

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One of the themes of my work is about the experience of rising. The rising of the sun, the rising of architecture, the rising of birds in flight. The human experience you could say, has always been about an upliftment of our bodies and spirits.


estudio 78 open studio

Estudi 78 Open Studio

We are very happy to invite you on a unique journey through art and creativity! At Estudi 78, our creation workshop, located in the Poblenou 22@ district, we come together to present our current projects and works to you. “OPEN STUDIO” is much more than

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oximoros art exhibition


Ottolumi is pleased to invite you to the opening of “OXÍMOROS” THURSDAY 7 MARCH, 6 to 10pm This exhibition explores the intricate sensations emerging from the juxtaposition of seemingly opposing and distant imaginative realms. Similar to a journey where certainties are confined to departure and

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collage masters

Collage Masters

Prepare for a magical collision of worlds when Mexican collage artist Ernesto Muñiz and Barcelona digital photo composition master Dr. Justin Case come together for an unforgettable collage exhibition. “Collage Masters” promises to be a visual feast of creativity and storytelling. March 9th, 6-10pm We

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Japanese exhibition in Barcelona


TOKYO PARK™ is proud to present its first Japanese exhibition in Barcelona. BLACK BOOK is the fifth installment of its kind. The new curatorial project, conceptualized/materialized by TOKYO PARK Director and Curator Martim Barroso, will explore the current Japanese Alternative/Urban Art scene, presented with a

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