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Alba Yruela

It All Feels Like a Single Day. Exhibition by Alba Yruela

Sembla tot com un sol dia (“It All Seems Like a Single Day”) is an exhibition by the Catalan photographer Alba Yruela, where she weaves a tapestry of life. It is a personal and subjective relationship with the environment, which takes place in the space we commonly know as nature. Through a lightbox and other interconnected images, Yruela creates an intimate and immersive world, both personal and shared. The images are responses to stimuli of perception, oscillating between pleasure and curiosity.


Chiquita Room is a contemporary art center that works simultaneously as a gallery, a residence for artists and an artist book publisher. We are dedicated to accompany artists along their projects, reflecting relevant issues to society through a critical, innovative and collective approach, while exploring the poetics of artistic expression from the interaction between art and other disciplines. Our aim is to make people aware of art as a way to live a better life, as a source of knowledge and beauty, in order to expand their points of view and interpretations of reality. All this is possible thanks to a team of good people, wo work committed, skilled and passionately taking great care of the processes and details.



26 Jun 2024 - 10 Aug 2024


All Day


Chiquita Room
C. de Villarroel, 25 08011 Barcelona, Spain

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