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Elena del Rivero

Elena del Rivero, Love Song

Elena Del Rivero’s work opens the way to two independent lines that dialogue with each other: the historical; that points to the collective pain of loss, and the personal; that is born from the construction process of our existential pillars.

This exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris (02.10.197 Long Beach CA.- 01.29.2013 Brooklyn, NY) whose music can be heard during the exhibition courtesy of the artist’s legacy – with our thanks.

Del Rivero will present a selection of works taken from various projects carried out throughout her career that culminate in the concept of admiration for life and experience – leitmotiv and essence of the artist’s inspiration.

In the context of the last stage of the “Dust Archive” (2001-2021), Love Song will include the 30 collages-assemblages that were presented in Es Baluard, Palma de Mallorca, built with the pieces of painting rescued from her studio from the works destroyed during the 9/11 attack.


12 Jan 2023


7:00 pm


Galería Senda
Calle Trafalgar 32, Barcelona 08010

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