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Rosalía Bronstein

Criaturas by Rosalía Bronstein

Once upon a time there was no time. A time in which mud and blood, matter and life, combined with each other in apparent chaos. And it is precisely from this confusion that the creatures emerge, those ancestral beings whose energy continues to pulsate among us. Of a disturbing and disturbing beauty, they are all and none of the archetypes at the same time, Virgin, Whore, Mother and Daughter. The strength of the feminine radiates in each of these beings.

With this exhibition, Rosalía Bronstein shows us her first series of Creatures. Her work recreates a cosmogony, in which symbology and color play a key role. The ambivalent bodies of the characters converse with fruits, roses, veils and masks, cyclically transforming into each of the beings that make up the individual. In her work you can see how the struggle between opposites is inherent to the human condition. They are images that evoke pain and pleasure, the sacred and the profane, beauty and ugliness, rejection and desire, life and death at the same time.


25 May 2023 - 21 Jun 2023


Imaginart Gallery
Avenida Diagonal, 432 Bajos, 08037, Barcelona

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