bird of shape

Bird of Shape

A Non-Solo of Ivy Ma, in association with Carol Chow, Man Mei To and June Wong

Curated by Jamsen Law

1 -29 March 2024, opening on 1 March, 7pm
Performance – Shape of Bird, 1 March from 7pm

The 2024 edition of the Non-Solo exhibition series continues nProjekt’s mission to bridge Hong Kong’s vibrant art scene with the global art community. Making its debut in Barcelona, Bird of Shape – A Non-Solo by Ivy Ma, in collaboration with Carol Chow, Man Meito and June Wong, not only showcases a range of artworks, but also fosters meaningful dialogue across different cultural landscapes.

At the heart of the exhibition is Hong Kong-based artist Ivy Ma, whose artistic odyssey since July 2021 has spanned a number of global locations. Ma’s journey, characterised by her snapshots of birds in different skies, transforms these fleeting moments into abstract expressions that challenge our perceptions of space and distance. Her work, which reflects our existence in the overlapping urban and natural environments, reveals an interesting relationship between universality and locality.

Accompanying Ivy Ma are three guest artists, also from Hong Kong, each bringing a distinct aesthetic to the exhibition. Carol Chow’s photographic explorations delve into urban identity, creating a visual conversation that deepens Ma’s artistic exploration. Man Meito’s sculptures offer a tactile experience that provokes introspection about the human condition, while June Wong’s animations infuse the ordinary with extraordinary dynamism, adding a time-based dimension to the exhibition.

Bird of Shape is more than an exhibition of art; it is an intersection of artistic languages. This exhibition is a confluence of Ivy Ma’s unique perspective and the thoughtful contributions of her fellow artists, culminating in a showcase that embodies the spirit of creative exploration and cross-media collaboration. As the inaugural event of the 2024 Non-Solo series, it highlights new discoveries within the global art narrative.

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01 - 29 Mar 2024


All Day


Tangent Projects gallery
C. Martí Codolar, 41, 08902 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

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