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Kaisla Laranta exhibition

Act of Service by Kaisla Laranta

Welcome into a mesmerising world of still life art and the love for culture, dining and companionship. A true “Act of Service.” Playful but still so convincing.

Opening Reception at NoHoHouse Thursday 11 April, 18-21h
Act of Service showing 11 April – 3 May 2024

Kaisla Laranta is an innovative visual artist and art therapist originally from Helsinki, now based in Barcelona. She infuses her contemporary still life art with a playful exploration of vibrant colors and patterns, revealing a childlike and naive essence. Laranta is deeply inspired by the ‘act of service’, a way to express love, and seeks to capture enchanting, figurative moments within her pieces. Her work stretches beyond visual art, as she engages with the natural wine scene and crafts food-based installations, offering a unique blend of artistic and culinary experiences.

“Act of Service” showcase that her artistic practice encompasses a broad spectrum, including contemporary still life painting and various audiovisual media, where she explores themes of service, capitalism, and cultural exploration. Kaisla’s exhibitions, primarily hosted in Spain and Finland, often focus on local culture and social life, showcasing the significant symbolic value of food in Catalonia through paintings and interactive elements. A notable aspect of her exhibitions includes collaborations with restaurants and wine growers to bridge the gap between northern and southern European dining traditions.

Laranta’s process involves acrylic paints on cotton canvases, developing her artwork through three intuitive layers, emphasizing mood over realism. With Kaisla’s intuition and clairvoyance, she would be described as a very connected person, “I work quite fast and intuitivly”

With a background as a chef and wine producer in her family, she brings a unique perspective to her art, combining her culinary expertise with her creative vision. Her work delves into various themes, from the tales of tablescape to the cultural insights of dining habits, making her work not only visually striking but also deeply reflective of the environments and cultures that inspire her.


11 Apr 2024 - 03 May 2024


All Day


NoHo House
C/ CORSEGA 224 08036 BCN

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