One of the themes of my work is about the experience of rising. The rising of the sun, the rising of architecture, the rising of birds in flight. The human experience you could say, has always been about an upliftment of our bodies and spirits. We started in the sea and then we were horizontal creatures, and now we stand tall with our spine upright. It’s not so philosophical it’s just simple. My work is an experience in structure that creates elevation.

With clay, creating a vertical structure is difficult in any type of form. Clay is cold, wet, and naturally flat. There is no strength or rigidity until it is fired. There is no grain, no lines or growth patterns to follow or listen to. Clay is like the blank white canvas that gives artists their anxiety. It has always been a huge existential question of artists: How could I possibly make something in the physical world that would give something of value, especially in the world already abundant with excess and waste and contradictory wealth and poverty.

My answer is the answer to all existential questions about the meaning of life. We are the hollow flute, the hollow reed… when inspiration or breath passes through the flute it makes music. When energy passes through my body, I move. And so all of my creation all of my daily work are just the breath of life moving through my body, creating material objects that illicit joy. There is no meaning. There is only joy in experiencing the energy and upliftment of creativity. What unites us in joy, what uplifts us together is more than meaning, it is true experience.

Opening reception:
April 19th 2024
Avinguda Mistral 57
6-10 pm
Curated by David Correa



19 Apr 2024


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Flash Gallery BCN
Av. de Mistral, 57, 08015 Barcelona

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