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Barcelona’s Electronic Music Magazine

Today at FrikiFish we present a brand new project for electronic music lovers. A digital magazine created in Barcelona and completely free for everyone: KlubbingKids Magazine

Latest digital news about electronic culture

KlubbingKids is a Spanish-language digital magazine focusing on techno music, electronic music and the dissemination of club music and the clubbing scene in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings. The aim is to become a benchmark in digital communication about electronic culture.

Launched in Barcelona just 6 months ago, KlubbingKids Magazine is positioning itself as a necessary resource in the sector. Readers stay connected to the latest news, anywhere and at any time with access to the website and social networks from their computer, mobile phone or any electronic device.


One of the prominent sections of the magazine is called 'Introducing,' where readers can get closer to the artists' lives, learn fascinating details about top DJ’s—their beginnings, their careers, trajectories and discographies.

A few artists that have been introduced thus far:


At the same time, the magazine offers interesting interviews with renowned DJs from the techno scene such as Paco Osuna and Cristian Varela, who each have 25-year careers in the industry.

In an exclusive statement on KLUBBINGKIDS, Paco Osuna says:

"I think it's a shame that people who live by and for music can't make a name for themselves on the scene because they don't have the hype that others have thanks to social networks and not to their work as a DJ or producer." 

That's one of the reasons why KlubbingKids also acts as a promotion platform where new artists promote their sessions; showing their skills on the decks by participating in the techno podcast on Soundcloud.

Events Agenda

Another interesting feature offered at the magazine is the chance for artists to publish all kinds of events—streaming, club events or outdoor events—free of cost. With a simple click, users can enter their websites and click on the agenda section to post their desired event. Within 24 hours it will be published. It's simple and fast.

News and Festivals

Last but not least, KlubbingKids brings readers the latest news about festivals and electronic culture worldwide, so you don’t have to miss a thing.

If you fancy electronic music and would like to stay up-to-date with the latest music industry news what are you waiting for? KlubbingKids is the new electronic music magazine and clubbing reference in Catalonia.

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General information  info@Klubbingkids.com
Press press@Klubbingkids.com


Learn more about electronic music and culture in Barcelona.... 

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