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Barcelona Startup Creates a New Way to Explore Art from Home

A team of art and tech enthusiasts from Barcelona have come up with a new service to bring visual art into users’ homes through high quality streaming. WindowSight is a mobile app used to display art on your television.

“We are creating a new market for people to have access to visual art, as we believe art is for everyone. Understanding that musicians may feel streaming platforms like Spotify should offer better compensation, we made it our mission to financially support the artists our subscribers enjoy,” stated Pol Rosset, CEO and Co-Founder at WindowSight.

The streaming gallery displays over 10,000 curated pieces, from over 150 artists, spanning 6 continents.

Users download the app, sync their TV, and start viewing large-format art. The experience is unique for each user thanks to the customizable playlist, play time, and display options. In addition, WindowSight ensures the highest definition in accordance with the UHD (4K) resolution of current televisions.

Artists gain a new source of income

Through WindowSight, artists ensure their work continues to be enjoyed by people anywhere, beyond temporary exhibitions and one-time sales.

The service is free for artists who earn monthly income based on the amount of time their artworks have been reproduced on user’s televisions. The unique revenue structure is designed to enable subscribers to directly support artists they enjoy, by sending 50 - 60 percent of the monthly subscription cost directly to the artists.

“As a photographer, I’m thrilled to share my images of nature and our planet; my goal is to spread awareness and promote conservation,” said Tim Laman, award winning photographer for National Geographic, TIME, New York Times, BBC and several global publications.

windowsight art viewing app

Curated by an artistic community

Renowned artists from all over the world have been filling the WindowSight gallery with their content during the development phase over the last year. The content includes photography, digital art, paintings and illustrations.

Windowsight’s content is curated by an artistic community currently made up of more than 200 international artists. The curator team reviews the new artist applications and the artwork they upload to the platform.

Get The Big Picture Campaign

To celebrate this year's International Artist's Day, WindowSight launches the “Get The Big Picture” campaign alongside its community of artists to showcase the current possibilities of the art world, sometimes ignored or overlooked, but absolutely relevant on the scene.

Top artists from the community will star in the campaign talking about the challenges they have personally experienced and how they believe we can all have an impact in the art world through WindowSight. The campaign will conclude around the idea that we need to “get the big picture” - realize the background - of what is really happening in the art world and how current technology can help democratize it and make it more accessible.

Available now on iOS and Android mobile devices

Download the free App through the App Store or Google Play with immediate streaming on most Smart TVs. WindowSight will be available through Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick in Q1 of 2022. Free for All plan or a monthly subscription package starting at $5.99.

For more information visit their website or get in touch.


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