activities in Barcelona

cristina alvarez exhibition

Never my Best Work

The first exhibition from cristina alvarez in Barcelona at Espai Nau Art 10 pieces. 2 parts. Various disciplines. Individual and collaborative works. All are welcome. Opening: June 16th at 6pm

holey exhibition

Holey Exhibition

Opening 14.06 / 19:00 h Holey begins in the form of a question: How do we relate to the contemporary image? To the image that consists of many images circulating non-stop all the time, leaving us electrified and exhausted? What will happen when technical images …

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Mar铆a Monegro exhibition in Barcelona

How I Became Lava

鈥淐贸mo me Convert铆 en Lava鈥 (How I Became Lava) is the culmination of a year-long exploration into the intersection of sensuality, the female form, and artistic creation. The exhibition showcases landscapes that may evoke destruction or new beginnings, as a means of exploring the process …

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solo show abi fantastic

Solo Show from Abi Fantastic

Abi Fantastic is an ambitious painter, curator, and event organizer originally from the UK, and currently based in Barcelona. Her captivating paintings use bold colors, whimsical movement and a mixture of textures to reveal a unique, creative expression on the canvas. Abi is also a …

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poblenou open day

Poblenou Open Day

The next 7th of May we celebrate the Poblenou Open Day, a day when the creative community of the Poblenou Urban District open more than seventy spaces offering varied programming, in which the public is invited to discover the offer of the cultural and creative …

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