Flow and The Daffodils Orchestra

New Creative Venture Combining Live Music, Dance and Fashion

The Flow and Daffodils Orchestra is a project that focuses on a mixture of world music. The orchestra is made up of international artists from different musical styles who create a unique musical combination based on flamenco, alternative soul and jazz elements. Their presentations include the participation of flamenco dancers who move and accompany the musicians on stage.

First art festival

Flow and The Daffodils Orchestra performances are unique, explosive and multicultural shows that invite viewers on an unforgettable journey. This month they will present their very first festival in Barcelona taking place at the Palau Dalmases (Carrer de Montcada 20). You can get your tickets here!


Paola Idrontino is an Italian costume designer, textile artist and photographer who currently lives in Barcelona. After completing her bachelor’s degree with honors in graphic design at Central St. Martins she launched Papayapie in 2005 with the intention of exploring new ways to highlight and dramatize the natural silhouette of the body through accessories and clothing.

In this way, Paola combines her passion for telling stories with the creation of complex textile designs with which she creates costumes inspired by grotesque creatures and the beauty of nature. Her photographs convey her fondness for stories and myths that refer to a feminine world turned into a protective deity of the underwater world. Along these lines, coral bleaching becomes a central theme in her recent work, with which she seeks to raise awareness about what is happening in the oceans of our world and in particular with corals.

With her proposal, Paola seeks to balance the absurd with the deep, as well as the whimsical with the emotional, through marine-inspired anthropomorphic creatures that question the relationship between humans and nature.

“When we see ourselves as part of nature, we understand that saving nature is really about saving ourselves.”

Miro Misljen is a renowned Slovenian designer who studied interior design but discovered his love for fashion in early childhood.

He opened his first boutique when he was just twenty years old and since then he has been the favorite designer of Slovenian celebrities, which has made him one of the most popular designers in Slovenia. Known to be a flamboyant and somewhat eccentric designer, he is called the “bad boy” of fashion as his shows are often shocking and created to convey a social and artistic message.

Miro has always been inspired by love and people living on the fringes of society, and his quest is to find new ways to combine fashion and art.

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