Blanche Ellis

In The Garden: Subterráneo

“Beneath the airy, ornamental aspect of a garden is the close, unconscious twist of root and rock, where the animal and the invisible lie, and from which instinct irrepressibly arises.”

The first, big, solo exhibition by English artist Blanche Ellis, In The Garden: Subterráneo, will take place in the most vivid neighbourhood of Barcelona, el Raval, in the recently renovated gallery, Atelier Güell. The show opens at 19h on September 29th and runs to October 1st. The artworks, in oils and mixed media, will draw the visitor down the garden path into a strange and beautiful world, populated by dark, folkloric scenes and creatures.

Blanche Ellis
Blanche Ellis / @BlancheEllisArt

As a multidisciplinary artist, Blanche Ellis creates her visual work in the context of poetry, movement and music. Moving freely between mediums and surfaces, between figurative and abstract, she interweaves drawing, painting, collage and fragments of text from her own poems, thoughts or daily notes, handwritten or typed on an old typewriter. This playfulness of materials generates a tactile presence and invites the viewer into the artist’s creative process, one of dreamlike association and vividness in which the artist endeavours to “play like children: seriously”.

In this exhibition, the imagery, emerging from both observation and imagination, is encountered as a garden, an organic space of endless growth and decay that come hand in hand and are often indistinguishable from one another. Beneath the airy, ornamental aspect of a garden is the close, unconscious twist of root and rock in subterranean space, where the animal and the invisible lie, and from which instinct irrepressibly arises. Blanche uses her work to travel between these layers of dark and light, conscious and subconscious, between the human, the animal and the plantlife that interweaves all other elements.

Blanche Ellis
Blanche Ellis / @BlancheEllisArt

Among the series exhibited, such as Mythologies and Feral Mothers, there are explorations of human-animal nature and the uncivilised aspects of womanhood beneath the civilised veil. It is part realism and part dreamscape, drawing inspiration from the literary genre of magical realism, from folk tales and from the invisible, inward movement of experience that knows no form unless we invent it.

Artist Bio

Blanche Ellis born in London, 1988, now works from her Barcelona studio in Spain. Studies at The Royal Drawing School, London, and Barcelona Academy of Art, Barcelona have combined with years of autodidactic practice across multiple mediums and artforms. Her work has been shown in galleries in London, New Orleans and Barcelona.

Further Information

Instagram: @BlancheEllisArt
Venue: Gallery Atelier Güell, Carrer de les Penedides, 8, 08001, Barcelona
Dates: September 29th – October 2nd
Opening Hours: 11-13:30h & 16-20h
Inauguration: 29th September, 19h
Free event
Contact:  /  Tel: 635371007

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