frida kahlo digital art show

Frida Kahlo Digital Art Show at IDEAL

IDEAL Digital Arts Centre brings us a new immersive art show on the iconic Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. Digial art shows are unique from a traditional art museum experience because you don’t see any of the artists’ paintings. Instead you learn more about the artists’ life and influences through images, mapping and digital presentations.

The show starts by explaining the artist’s biography along side collections of historical photographs. Next, you walk through artistic installations in digital environments representing relevant moments in Frida’s life. You learn about the incredible strength and perseverance of a woman who was more equipped than most to overcome adversity.

There is an installation designed for children, where they can color their own portrait of Frida and project it on the wall. Once again, the main attraction is the room with a 360º mapping projection on a giant screen of more than 1000 square meters. Sit back and enjoy the 30minute presentation with images from Fida’s life. Finally, there is a room with collector’s items followed by a 10 minute virtual reality experience and a photo booth where you can create your own digital portrait.

Traditional Mexican dresses on display

I didn’t find this show as impressive as the presentations on Vincent Van Gogh and KLIMT from recent years. Still, the Frida Kahlo immersive experience is a nice way to spend a couple of hours learning about the iconic artist and it’s definitely a fun activity to do with young children.

The exhibition runs through the end of February and costs €14.50 for an adult ticket. Make sure to reserve in advance, especially if you want to attend on the weekend.

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