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the art of long distance running Tim Adorf

MUITEE – The Art of Long-distance Running by photographer Tim Adorf

Tim Adorf, a distinguished photographer known for his passion for capturing the beauty of design, inspiring personalities, exciting sports, and unique landscapes, will open his exhibition MUITEE – the art of long-distance running at Montoya on November 24.

Tim Adorf’s professional portfolio is a testament to his dedication to spontaneous and creative photography. He embraces the distinctive challenges of every project, experimenting with a range of techniques, resulting in a distinctive style that continually evolves. For him, each project represents a fresh canvas to embark on a creative journey from scratch.

Earlier this year, stepping away from his regular work, Tim embarked on a personal project. He spent two weeks in Kenya, one of which was in the village of Iten, known for its association with long-distance running.

Iten, located more than 2,400 meters above sea level, has produced many marathon champions, making it a popular destination for athletes from around the world. During his stay, the artist captured the essence of Iten’s running culture by photographing local athletes training in various settings, from the stadium tracks to the countryside trails.

This exhibition presents a series of photographs to the public for the first time.

Tim’s images encapsulate the very core of the movement, capturing its fleeting nature through prolonged exposure. This approach reveals the inherent beauty of motion, exposing moments that would otherwise remain inaccessible to the eye. The result is a collection of highly evocative photographic pieces that resemble the world of painting.

The title, MUITEE, is derived from Swahili and signifies the pursuit of goals, enduring pain, and never giving up. It represents rhythm, dedication, and resilience, offering viewers a unique perspective on the local running culture.

During the opening, we are pleased to host Amy Wanday, founder of the African Sports Network, as our special guest. Amy will share insights into the network’s impactful work, actively engaging and raising awareness in the African sports industry and beyond. The network prioritises assisting athletes in developing fundamental skills, including personal branding, financial literacy, and other crucial competencies. For more information about the African Sports Network please visit: africansportsnetwork.com

Proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be donated to support the Hakuna Matata Foundation, a charitable organization established to provide essential ophthalmological and mental health support to underprivileged individuals in Iten and its surrounding areas, with a special focus on children and those unable to afford such services. For more information about the Hakuna Matata Foundation www.hakunamatata.foundation

MUITEE – The Art of Long-distance Running
24th November 2023
From 6.30 pm
The Gallery Montoya
C/ d’Àvila, 32
08005 Barcelona
contact: mail@pasajemontoya.com


24 Nov 2023


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


The Gallery Montoya
C/ d'Àvila, 32 08005 Barcelona

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