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Marc Chagall. The color of dreams

Curated by Lola Durán, this exhibition meticulously showcases over 150 works spanning the entire artistic career of Marc Chagall (Belarus, 1887 – France, 1985). Notably, at least 25 of these pieces are being unveiled for the first time in Spain.

Titled “Marc Chagall. The Color of Dreams,” the exhibition delves into various pivotal aspects that captivated the artist throughout his life. Specific sections explore the influence of Russian and Jewish rites and traditions from his childhood, as well as his profound spirituality, leading to the creation of intensely powerful works related to the Bible and the Exodus. The exhibition also delves into Chagall’s connection to literature, a fundamental aspect of his life, exploring his relationships with writers and publishers, along with his role as an illustrator of texts. Additionally, the exhibition highlights Chagall’s fascination with the circus and his passionate bond with Paris, the city that warmly embraced him. Not to be overlooked, the theme of love, a sentiment that held profound significance in both Chagall’s life and art, is thoroughly explored.

Price 14.00 €


03 Mar 2023 - 24 Mar 2024


10:00 am - 8:00 pm


Palau Martorell
Palau Martorell, carrer Ample 11

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