llum bcn festival

Llum BCN Festival

The Llum BCN Festival is one of the most anticipated events on the city’s cultural calendar. The 13th edition will be held from February 2nd to the 4th 2024 on the streets on Poblenou.

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The alternative circuit of Llum BCN is known as “Off Llum”

Off Llum Bcn was born in 2015 as a result of a light installation, called “El Faro”, that the Poblenou Urban District created for the Open Night in the Casa Antònia Serra i Mas building or better known as the Flatiron of Poblenou.

This year, which is already celebrating its fifth edition, they will present 11 light installations by multidisciplinary artists who experiment with light and who have produced pieces that move between art, design and innovation.

The aim is to put the focus on light art and for visitors to discover the spaces of creation and innovation that are part of the creative community of Poblenou Urban District.

Here are all the facilities that you can find along the route. Maps are available online and at the event.

“Digital Landscapes” by DarkLight Studio and Inzist on the facade of Razzmatazz. (Almogavers, 122)
“Metamorphosis” by DarkLight Studio and Inzist on the passage of Razzmatazz. (Pamplona, 88)
“EPICENTRO 48” by Cerebralwwaves at Bridge 48. (July, 48)
“Data, Luz and Zumbidos” by Agustina Palazzo at FX Barcelona Film School. (Climbs, 112)
“Mother’s Love” by Mario García at FX Barcelona Film School. (Climbs, 112)
“Off Stories” by Margalef in Indissoluble. (Climbs, 130)
“The Puffertons” by Joaquin Ferronato and Clementina de Miranda in the window of Indissoluble. (City of Granada, 61)
“Tomeduchi” by Gonzalo Cortez, Fabrizio Atahualpa, Nicolás Vásquez and Rubén Sánchez at the Granada Building of BAU. (City of Granada, 34-36)
“c-58PK0 1:12” by Max Milà Serra at The Folio Club. (Roc Boronat, 37)
“Quadratic” by BeatMe Lab in the car park of The Hoxton Hotel. (Badajoz, 168)
“Baucis” by Júlia Rossinyol, Kevin Sake and Mercè Lledós in Rauric. (Bolivia, 144, local 5)



02 - 04 Feb 2024


All Day

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