Silvia Bardani

La Mujer Salvaje (Wild Woman)

La Mujer Salvaje is a pictorial exhibition by the Italian artist Silvia Bardani that is represented by acrylics on canvases full of colors, figures and symbols, almost as if they were collages. With a total of 21 works of art, the artist wants to carry out a process of reflection on the vindication of respect for one’s own being as well as the abandonment of the feeling of guilt for not conforming to social stereotypes. This exhibition is an invitation to reflect on the importance of freeing oneself from molds and judgments in order to fully live one’s own person.


01 - 29 Dec 2023


All Day


Centre Cívic del Guinardó
Ronda del Guinardó, 113 - 141 / Barcelona, España

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