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Talking. An action as seemingly simple as issuing words. You think and then look for the right words to say in order to communicate.

What would happen if this almost automatic act were interrupted? What would happen if those words were lost like birds in a jail; like birds flying suspended in uncertainty, wandering in an ambiguous space and looking for a way out; or no longer: assuming that their habitat will be like that forever?

That is the image I have when I look at Susana: thousands of beautiful, original, poignant, broken, singular, unique words. Only yours. And all of them imprisoned.

But Susana has another way of speaking. Her paintings are her language. And what a beautiful and powerful language she has created! She paints and the viewer can only do one thing when seeing it: keep quiet. Her work leaves us speechless. She reigns the silence of who looks at her. Ironic, don’t you think?

That silence with which she lives and fights is what causes her painting. And that is the axis of her work: her imposed silence.

If you look closely and attentively at her paintings, you realize that she has managed to speak without using words. And she tells us about her inner world in a surprisingly honest way. It is as if she knew that each color, each figure, each element or composition was one letter or another and, adding them up, she creates a word that later becomes a sentence. And, sentence after sentence, frame after frame, she tells us a story. Her story.

September 6, 2023, 19:30

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06 - 30 Sep 2023


Espai Ronda Barcelona
C/ del Consell de Cent, 382, local, 08009 Barcelona

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