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anne kearney solo artist exhibition

Bound and Determined by Artist Anne Kearney

The body of work exhibited in ‘Bound and Determined’ explores the ongoing process of how we are constructed and shaped – for better and for worse – by our interactions with the places and people that surround us.The expressive-figurative paintings and drawings are a response to the tension that can exist between the shape we want our lives to take and the way that we are pushed and pulled by our circumstances. 

Anne Kearney is an artist who paints her ideas about psychology, people, and the environments that affect us. Her art practice is rooted in her career as an environmental psychologist during which she conducted research for universities, non-profits and NASA. She currently lives in Barcelona. 

Flash Gallery BCN is a non-profit institution with the sole goal of giving unconditional support to artists and making art more affordable for the general public. 

Where: Flash Gallery, Av de Mistral, 57, Barcelona 

When: Opening/ Vernissage: Friday 3 March 2023, 18h – 22h 

Meet the Artist: Sunday 5 March, 11h – 14h 

Regular gallery hours, 8th – 24th March, Wed, Th, Fri 17h – 20h; Sat 11h – 15h 

Entrance: free 

More information:

Artist interview:

Communicating Abstract Emotions and Narratives with Anne Kearney



03 - 24 Mar 2023


Flash Gallery BCN
Av. de Mistral, 57, 08015 Barcelona

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